Forrester's "Mastering the Endpoint" Webinar Now Available

By: Absolute Team | 2/10/2017

Chris Sherman, a senior analyst at Forrester Research, recently joined Nima Baiati, Absolute’s senior director, product management, for a webinar discussion on endpoint security best practices, In the Mastering Endpoint Security webinar, Chris looked at how current endpoint security strategies are failing against modern adversaries and how increased visibility -- combined with strong prevention, detection and orchestrated response -- can help increase the effectiveness of endpoint security practices.

Chris shared data about the increase in targeted attacks and how many current tools used to address malware (such as antivirus “blacklisting” tools) are simply not effective against targeted attacks, or the recent rise in malware. For example, organizations are experiencing a 19% increase in year-to-year costs associated with cyberattacks against the endpoint, and the current lack of visibility and control over the endpoint are major obstacles.

Chris also makes some strong assertions in the webinar that may come as a shock to IT professionals, including how traditional endpoint security approaches have failed:

“Security pros have felt that, since prevention seems to be failing, let’s focus on detection. But for some organizations, this has led to more complexity and more spending on additional agents and tools with few benefits…Focusing only on detection is a losing proposition.”

Other webinar highlights include:

  • Forrester’s expert overview of current endpoint security challenges
  • How a “defense in depth” strategy can lead to “expense in depth,” with 6 or more agents deployed with no resources to see a benefit from each product
  • Forrester’s “Targeted-Attack Hierarchy of Needs” to help build resiliency into your security strategy
  • How to improve endpoint security by reducing the attack surface and better threat detection
  • How to orchestrate and automate key components of your endpoint management and security strategy
  • How to improve your resiliency against internal and external threats
  • How to ensure the health of your endpoint security stack with self-healing endpoint security solutions

“Endpoint security should not be thought of as an isolated layer of protection, but one which interacts with and, more importantly, co-ordinates the whole security stack.” - Chris Sherman, senior analyst, Forrester

Absolute’s Nima Baiati rounded out the discussion with insights about how Absolute’s technology can help businesses master endpoint security. Absolute combines its cloud-based Device & Data Security (DDS) with patented, embedded Persistence technology, giving you always-on visibility and real-time remediation to protect devices, data, applications and users — on or off your network. Only Absolute is embedded at the factory in more than 1 billion (and growing!) desktop, laptop and mobile devices for self-healing endpoint security that goes where your data and users go. No other technology can do this.

To learn more about how to regain control over endpoint security and gain resiliency against targeted cyber attacks, Watch ‘Forrester’s Mastering the Endpoint: Addressing Your Core Endpoint Security Needs’ here.

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