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Forrester Includes Absolute Software in Security Services Edge (SSE) Landscape Report

February 21, 2024

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Absolute Cyber Resilience Capabilities Respond to Top SSE Enterprise Use Cases

The pandemic may be over, but remote and hybrid work models are now a permanent fixture in the enterprise business world. This new reality is fueling demand for Security Services Edge (SSE) solutions, needed to ensure resilient connections and effective security. 

As is usually the case with new and sought-after innovations, marketers often flood the market with content, key words, and click bait that has nothing to do with aligned technologies. These practices often create mass confusion among organizations that could benefit from actual solutions. 

To help security and risk leaders understand the security and business benefits SSE provides and identify vendors with offerings that meet their needs, Forrester recently published “The Security Service Edge (SSE) Solutions Landscape, Q4 2023.” More than just a high-level overview of the category, the report provides a drill down into specific use cases and narrows down a pool of vendors responding to challenges. 

According to the report, organizations can use security service edge (SSE) solutions to provide Zero Trust access to enterprise applications, secure the remote workforce, and protect enterprise data. But to realize these benefits, they first must select from a diverse set of vendors that vary by size, type of offering, geography, and use case differentiation. Security and risk professionals should use this report to understand the value they can expect from an SSE vendor, learn how vendors differ, and investigate options based on size and market focus.

SSE Defined

In the report, Forrester’s definition of SSE is: A security service edge delivers security inspection technology from the cloud or similar remote edge to:

1) provide Zero Trust access to enterprise applications

2) protect the remote workforce from malicious content

3) secure enterprise data on- premises and in the cloud

But more than just describing a technology innovation, analysts go on to outline specific business value SSE delivers. According to Forrester, SSE solutions bring efficiency back to the decentralization of the business as employees and contractors work from anywhere and data gets created everywhere. Security and risk professionals implement SSE solutions specifically to: Provide Zero Trust access to enterprise applications, Secure the remote workforce, and Protect enterprise data. 

Top Use Cases

As is true with most innovations, buyers are far more concerned about the use cases solutions address than the categories and markets they are boxed into. Readers will find this content especially useful, as it goes in depth to explain how enterprises are using SSE to overcome specific challenges. As identified by Forrester in the report, core use cases are outlined in a simplified chart: 

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Most organizations understand the need to address these, as virtually all face the daunting task of securing applications, data, and remote worker devices with multiple control layers. Any that need to respond to these will also find compelling guidance throughout the report that will help them to make smart investment decisions.

More Than Just Core

The top use cases Forrester identified include several beyond those that are considered “core.” Additionally, they call attention to an “extended” set that some of the identified SSE vendors specialize in. These include:

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Like the “core” use cases, most organizations pursuing SSE solutions will be familiar with this additional array of use cases, as many of these challenges also exist in their environments. 

How Absolute Helps

Absolute was pleased to learn that it was included in the report, as we have long-been innovating on technologies that help customers to add cyber resilience to remote workers, applications, and endpoints. We were especially thrilled to see our self-reported extended use cases noted in the Forrester report;  remote browser isolation (RBI), content disarm and reconstruction (CDR), and digital experience management (DEX), which are top areas for which our clients select us, and we pioneered and continue to lead the field in ensuring unbreakable network connectivity for mobile workers. 

It is worth calling out that with the recent addition of a powerful Secure Web Gateway (SWG) service, Absolute’s SSE SaaS offering delivers resilient security, anti-virus scans, and data loss prevention, in addition to RBI, CDR, and DEX. In the short-term future, Absolute will be announcing additional innovations in its Secure Access product line, which will include the addition of AI-enabled data capabilities.   

Learn more about how SSE can help you achieve your security and compliance goals and discover the challenges Absolute helps organizations to overcome in The Security Service Edge (SSE) Solutions Landscape, Q4 2023

Cyber Resilience Secure Access Enterprise Compliance

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