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Absolute Investigations December Roundup: Device Recovery Success Stories

December 22, 2020

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If there’s one thing that we know to be true, it is that laptops go missing… they are stolen with regularity. And while the value of the device is notable, it’s the data that goes missing along with the device that is a greater cause for concern.

When it comes to recovering devices and the data stored on them, Absolute customers have a critically important resource to lean on: the Absolute Investigations Team. With years of experience working with law enforcement, and with Absolute’s firmware-embedded technology at their fingertips, our investigators have an impressive track record of success stories. Here are a few from last month.

Insider Theft

A social services agency in California was broken into earlier this year, and officials determined a laptop was among the stolen items. The agency contacted Absolute and, thanks to Absolute’s undeletable tether to every device, investigators were able to glean important information about the new, unlawful user: a former security guard at the agency had the laptop, and was traveling east with it. The case was transferred from local police to the Sheriff’s Department and Absolute investigators coordinated communication between the customer, the local and county police, the contracted security company, and finally, the Baltimore police department – as that’s where the user and device ended up.  Detectives contacted the individual using information Absolute provided, and the laptop made a successful return trip back to the agency in California.

Vehicle Burglary

The vehicle of a school district employee in Louisiana was burglarized and a laptop was stolen. Absolute investigators were informed of the theft and, one week later, the device came online again. Absolute forensic tools identified an email address and geolocation, which was turned over to law enforcement. The device was found in the hands of an individual who had purchased the laptop from an electronics store. The investigation was turned over to local police to find and apprehend the actual thief, and the school was very happy to have their device - and their data - safely returned.

Street Robbery

An employee of an Absolute customer was robbed on the street in South Africa. Once investigators were notified, they determined details of the new user and their location. With the help of an Absolute partner company and local law enforcement, the device was recovered. The new user informed law enforcement she purchased it from a used computer store in the area.

For more than 15 years, Absolute Investigations has helped organizations recover their missing devices. Made up of former law enforcement professionals and other experts, Absolute Investigations uses forensics tools and techniques to locate missing devices. Once found, Absolute Investigations connects with local law enforcement to orchestrate their safe return. Learn more here.

Endpoint Security Data Visibility & Protection Education Government

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