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Absolute Insight Gives 360º Visibility to MSPs

July 30, 2013

Absolute Software is pleased to launch our latest tool for IT administrators, Absolute Insight, a comprehensive web-based endpoint monitoring, security management solution for managed service providers (MSPs).

With Absolute Insight, MSPs have a 360 degree view of each IT asset in all customer deployments, including relationships and dependencies within the organization based on information from hardware, software, active directory, HR, procurement, and other data sources. Using a cloud-based console, MSPs have the ability to remotely track, secure, and manage IT environments on behalf of their customers.

Absolute Insight is based on two web-based reporting portals – the Technician Portal which MSPs use for a complete view of all customer assets under management, and the Customer Portal which provides MSP customers with visibility into the security and management of their individual environments. Along with extensive reporting and visibility), users can provide clients with superior service including audit and compliance reports, proactive alerting for suspicious activity, lease completion information, and expiring warranties which allow IT to react and mitigate any potential security issue.

Leveraging Absolute persistence technology, Absolute Insight provides MSPs with a persistent connection to each device in their customers’ deployments. This ensures an automatic reinstallation of the security and management software agents even if the firmware is flashed, the device is re-imaged, the hard drive is replaced, or if a tablet or smartphone is wiped clean to factory settings. This allows MSP administrators to secure and manage each device regardless of user or location.

"Absolute Insight strengthens Evry One’s market offering – it improves our service level, giving us a distinct advantage over other MSPs. We have one-click access to numerous reports with a variety of information including hardware, software, anti-malware, encryption, call history, missing devices, lease, and warranty. Having a 360 degree service desk view of our assets is a huge value. Providing our customers with real-time access to their managed devices gives them peace of mind. - Patrik Hammarberg, Manager, Client Center at EVRY One Outsourcing Services

Once Absolute Insight is deployed, the foundation is in place for you to support additional security, management and service options. You can provide additional value to your customers through add-on modules including packages in Endpoint Security, Endpoint Management, or IT Service Management.

Absolute Insight is available today. For more information visit our website.

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