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Absolute Beta for Hyper-Resilient, Cloud-First ZTNA Deployment Architecture is Now Open

February 15, 2022

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In today’s work from anywhere landscape, IT has a heavy workload ensuring secure remote access while protecting the enterprise from unapproved access. Zero Trust Access (ZTNA) solutions are the cornerstone of that effort but because time and resources are always thin, total deployment flexibility for customer managed ZTNA is imperative. For this reason, we’re excited to announce a new beta program for our hyper-resilient, cloud-first ZTNA architecture. Enrollment is now open.

The new architecture offers the highest levels of network resiliency for all NetMotion by Absolute ZTNA products and features multi-region redundancy across SaaS, customer-managed, and Managed Service Provider (MSP) deployment options. The cloud-in-a-box benefits of high availability, horizontal scale-out, zero downtime upgrades, and robust security revolutionizes the traditional deployment approach for ZTNA. It’s a “shared-nothing” architecture with all the benefits of a SaaS solution, including:

High Availability

  • Active-active, or even multi-active-active nodes
  • Automatic failover for high availability and disaster recovery between nodes and regions

High Scalability

  • Support for geographically distributed deployments managed with a single user interface
  • Flexible horizontal scale-out with support for globally deployed networks

Ease of Deployment

  • Fully automatable installation for easy up and down scaling
  • Zero downtime upgrades
  • Easy provisioning and management of cluster resources

Robust Security

  • Encryption for communications between nodes and servers to ensure confidentiality and integrity during the data replication process
  • Data can be secured within and between data centers, regardless of their physical location

So often, IT staff tasked with operating customer-managed clouds and data centers are focused on how systems and software run, not on how they are built. Our early beta customers tell us that the new hyper-resilient, cloud-first ZTNA architecture is exactly what they’re looking for when it comes to high availability and ease of deployment.

Let us help you free up significant time and bandwidth for other mission-critical innovations. Enroll today by contacting your sales representative.


Endpoint Security Data Visibility & Protection

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