28 Splunk CVEs addressed in Insights for Network 4.01

Last updated: Aug 31, 2023

Insights for Network 4.01

Insights for Network 4.01 is a maintenance release addressing recent Splunk CVEs specific to Splunk Enterprise servers prior to version

While the internal architecture of Insights for Network protects against exploitation of these CVEs, Absolute recommends that all customers upgrade to Insights for Network 4.01 for maximum protection.

Splunk CVEs addressed in this release are:

CVE-2023-32710, CVE-2023-32711, CVE-2023-32709, CVE-2023-32706, CVE-2023-32707, CVE-2023-32708, CVE-2021-21419, CVE-2021-28957, CVE-2022-24785, CVE-2022-31129, CVE-2022-32212, CVE-2015-20107, CVE-2021-3517, CVE-2021-3537, CVE-2021-3518, CVE-2023-22941, CVE-2023-22940, CVE-2023-22939, CVE-2023-22938, CVE-2023-22937, CVE-2023-22936, CVE-2023-22935, CVE-2023-22934, CVE-2023-22933, CVE-2023-22932, CVE-2023-32717, CVE-2023-32716, CVE-2023-32712

The highest severity rating for these CVEs is 8.8 – High

For more information regarding Insights for Network 4.01, or for general security questions, email [email protected] or [email protected]

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