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See What Others Cannot See.

Secure What Others Cannot Secure.

Dark endpoints — devices that are off the network, lost, stolen or operating without effective security controls — are breeding grounds for security breaches. Fractured visibility across layers of devices, applications, data and users presents far too many opportunities for attackers and even insiders to perpetrate devastating breaches.

You’ve probably resigned yourself to the fact that you’ve been infiltrated by an unknown adversary. You simply cannot stop determined adversaries or negligent employees all the time. Accepting this reality means that you have to be faster at detecting and responding to breaches to avoid becoming the next embarrassing headline.

Under Attack? You Need Self-Healing, Persistent Endpoint Security

When a device goes dark, no matter what the reason, you have a limited window to take action and mitigate the risk. Absolute’s security solutions identify those off-the-grid dark endpoints and gives you the ability to reduce the likelihood that a dark asset turns into a breach vector.

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This uncompromised visibility and near real-time remediation is what sets Absolute apart. We maintain a constant connection with your endpoint devices, whether or not they’re connected to your network.

This gives you the power to:

  • Monitor device, data, application and user activity — anywhere, anytime
  • Remediate uncontrolled device risk to minutes versus days
  • Lock down rogue devices or at-risk data on unsecured devices and cloud storage applications
  • Neutralize threats and prove compliance

Cloud-Based Platform For Always-On Visibility And Control

Our cloud-based console is always available for visibility and near real-time remediation of devices, applications, data and users, thanks to a two-way connection with Absolute’s self-healing embedded Persistence technology. You get the awareness to understand, quantify, and manage your risks for absolute control — on or off the network.

We deliver better clarity and give you better context into your security posture for uncompromised visibility — and the power to remediate endpoint controls and security breaches in near real-time. This “unfair advantage” also extends to third-party endpoint controls, making your entire security stack better prepared and more resilient to attacks, including the ability to:

  • Automatically remediate disabled controls and breaches to mitigate disruption and losses, and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of IT and security staff.
  • Assess, improve and monitor endpoint health via an intuitive security posture dashboard that provides actionable diagnostic intelligence at a glance.
  • Identify and safeguard data from a single cloud-based console wherever that data may be stored — on or off network.
  • Withstand user errors or malicious attacks, quickly return to an original safe state, and ensure compliance.
  • Instantly activate and deploy because Absolute Persistence is already embedded in your endpoints.

Always There, Already There.

Only Absolute is embedded at the factory in more than 500 million (and growing!) desktop, laptop and mobile devices for self-healing endpoint security that goes where your data and users go. No other technology can do this.

The Persistence Advantage

Embedded in more than 500 million endpoints, Persistence is the only technology that keeps you in complete command with a self-healing, two-way connection to any endpoint or application — even if they are off the network.

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Customer Success Stories

Cigna-HealthSpring Logo

Absolute helps keep us in compliance regardless of location, giving us full visibility into our deployment at any time. Absolute helps us reduce our exposure to risk, keeping our patient data secure.

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Absolute saves us time, effort and money, allowing us to pay for the product licenses we have, not for what we speculate we have.

Omnicom Group
Apria Healthcare Logo

Absolute is the number one priority for our CIO. I can’t verbalize how important this is to my company and how much more effective we’ve become at securing our healthcare data.

Apria Healthcare
Under Amour Logo

We use Absolute to protect all of our computers including those in our innovation and design departments.

Under Armour