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See why organizations of all industries — and all sizes — rely on Absolute and our patented Persistence technology.

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You’re always informed and in control, even if a device is off the network or in the wrong hands.

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Enable Self-Healing Endpoint Applications to Harden Security and Ensure Compliance

Organizations invest in market-leading endpoint controls and applications to protect their most critical assets, but full application availability and integrity is required to remain effective. However once deployed, devices get re-imaged, malware disables applications, registry files become corrupted, and we all know the impact of negligent or malicious users. Critical applications such as VPN, anti-virus, encryption, device management and other controls that have historically been too easily compromised, have left IT and security pros flying blind…. until now.

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Automatically Self-Heal Critical Endpoint Applications

The Absolute platform includes Application Persistence, the unique ability to self-heal third-party solutions. Application Persistence provides firmware-embedded, cloud-delivered security to automatically self-heal critical endpoint applications. This exclusive zero-touch remediation occurs regardless of malicious or negligent attempts to circumvent. With Application Persistence, both enterprises and ISVs can build complete application resiliency, prove compliance, eliminate blind-spots and deliver ROI.

Application Persistence

Activate Application Persistence for critical applications directly within the Absolute console.

Application Persistence allows you to deploy zero-touch, automatic re-installation of critical applications, including leading Data Protection, Device Management, Endpoint Protection and VPN applications. Application Persistence gives you the visibility and control to strengthen your entire application portfolio, ensuring applications maintain integrity and availability at all-times, giving your applications the power to self-heal in the face of security threats.

Extend the Power of Persistence to any Application

Absolute adds the power of self-healing Persistence to these applications and more.


Device Management



Cisco AnyConnect



Endpoint Protection


Endpoint Protection




Device Management

Ivanti Patch

Device Management


Device Management


Endpoint Protection


Device Management



Microsoft SCCM



Device Management


Endpoint Protection

Symantec AV

Endpoint Protection


Device Management


Data Protection


Endpoint Protection


Endpoint Protection

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Enterprises and ISVs around the world rely on Application Persistence for set it and forget it resiliency to:

Self-Heal Endpoint Applications

Ensure critical endpoint applications are always available and effective.

Proactively Minimize Risks

Keep critical applications on devices, minimizing security risks. Restore security posture across all endpoints.

Automatically Repair Breaches

Spot and remediate issues in near real-time. Maintain compliance, even if devices or data are off the network.

Ensure Compliance

Easily maintain correct application versions and meet compliance requirements.

Extend Application Visibility

Off-network devices remain visible with existing tools. Organizations can connect with a device regardless of user or location.

Deploy Instantly

Absolute’s Persistence technology is already embedded in popular PCs and mobile device. You simply activate it via our cloud-based platform for fast results.

Learn how Absolute Application Persistence helps organizations address pressing security concerns regarding application visibility and vulnerability.

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