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It’s always interesting to see the light go on when it comes to Persistence technology. Maybe it’s a security officer dealing with a stolen device who just realized that even though some unknown criminal has their hands on the computer—IT can still reach out and remotely delete every trace of corporate data it may contain. Or perhaps it’s the look of unfiltered joy when the head of IT realizes the annual 3-month, 12 person physical inventory cycle they endure can be replaced with a report that takes 10 minutes to run.

As the only vendor in the world able to provide this capability, we understand that it’s a concept we must teach one customer at a time. But like any good lesson, once it’s understood it never goes away and today we protect tens of millions of devices around the world with our patented Persistence technology.



Installed at the Factory

Through our partnership with computer manufacturers, the Persistence module is built into the firmware of desktop, laptop, tablet, and smart phone devices around the world. Each device leaves the factory with the Persistence module in place, waiting to be activated.

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Software Activation

Once the software agent is installed, Persistence is activated.

It’s through this agent that device information is transmitted to IT so they can remotely track, manage, and secure devices.

Secure a Device That is Offline

Learn how to secure your devices regardless of internet access, user, or location.

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Monitor Suspicious Device Activity

Learn how to trigger an agent call when a significant change event occurs on a managed device.

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Persistent Endpoint Security

Persistence provides you with a reliable two-way connection so you can confidently manage mobility, investigate potential threats, and take action if a security incident occurs.

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If the Persistence module detects that the agent has been removed (accidentally or on purpose), the agent will automatically reinstall. Even if the firmware is flashed, the device is re-imaged, the hard drive is replaced, or if a tablet or smart phone is wiped clean to factory settings, the agent will simply reinstall and continue to provide hundreds of data points for each device. And it’s a two-way street. The same connection can be used by IT to convey a variety of remote security and management commands back to the device.

The ability to communicate with your endpoints—regardless of user or location—means you can receive timely device and event information. Most importantly, you can apply remote security measures to protect each device and its data.

No other technology can do this.

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Accurate data is the baseline for any governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) program. Without meaningful data, IT is unable to proactively respond to suspicious behavior. Most importantly, it's impossible to prove compliance with corporate and government regulations.

Persistence can mitigate most risk scenarios relative to the endpoint. This has been especially helpful in the last ten years when the focus has become more about the data and less about the device. Freeze, delete, track... there are plenty of security options and all of them are possible using our Persistence connection.


Many organizations purchase and activate Persistence using the Absolute Data & Device Security (DDS), formerly Computrace software agent. This provides them with a cloud-based service where they can access their account, monitor the state of each device, and invoke security commands if a device is in trouble. They can also define conditions that they want to flag and receive alerts if they occur. It’s like a sticky advance notification system.