Persistence technology by Absolute is embedded into the core of most devices at the factory.

Once activated, Persistence provides you with a reliable two-way connection so you can confidently manage mobility, investigate potential threats, and take action if a security incident occurs.

The ability to communicate with your endpoints – regardless of user or location – means you can receive timely device and event information. Most importantly, you can apply remote security measures to protect each device and the data it contains. No other technology can do this.

Watch the Persistence video or read the Persistence FAQ to learn more.

How Persistence Technology Works

  • OEMs embed Persistence technology into the firmware of devices at the factory
  • Once the Absolute software agent is installed, Persistence is activated
  • Persistence triggers an automatic reinstallation if an Absolute software agent is removed from a device
  • The software client reinstalls even if the firmware is flashed, the device is reimaged, the hard drive is replaced, or if a tablet or smartphone is wiped clean to factory settings