Enexis Keeps the Power On With Absolute Secure Access

By Improving Connectivity Using Absolute Secure Access, Enexis Netbeheer Increases Productivity and Reduces Challenges for Employees

Enexis Netbeheer, one of the eight power network operators in the Netherlands, employs around 4,200 workers who ensure that the country’s lights and heat stay on. The operator’s installers are constantly on the move and depend heavily on a properly functioning, reliable Internet connection when using their mobile devices. For that, they rely on Absolute Secure Access.

The Story

Guarantee Reliable Connectivity for a Distributed Workforce

Enexis installers primarily use laptops and tablets to do their jobs and stay in touch with the head office. They use these devices not only to receive messages and get accurate location details but also to help them complete the actual job at the destination address. For a long time, employees were unable to rely on their Internet connections. Installers complained about having to manually reconnect to a VPN and repeatedly log in to applications, sometimes up to 20 times each day. This was not only time-consuming but also extremely frustrating.

At the same time, field workers detected performance issues with the devices in the field. An investigation revealed that device connections were being used for high volumes of unnecessary data traffic that caused mission-critical applications to become extremely slow or even unable to respond due to saturated connections.

Security Challenges

Remote Access


User Experience

"For companies that use field workers, Absolute Secure Access is virtually a must."


The Solutions

How They Did It

Improve the User Experience

Absolute Secure Access solved these problems immediately, eliminating the frustrations experienced by both users and IT administrators. Field workers instantly noticed the difference, gaining access to information faster and more securely while onsite without the stress and frustration of unstable connections.

Optimized Policies Enhance Application Performance

In addition, policy settings in Absolute Secure Access were used to prioritize the use of connection bandwidth for primary applications above all secondary applications. These policies limit the amount of traffic to only what is absolutely necessary in the field at that particular moment. By improving the efficiency of the connection, they also reduce data demands when using slower connections and greatly improve the speed of key applications.

The Results

Fewer Disruptions = Improved Worker Routines

Thanks to Absolute Secure Access, the disruption to worker routines was greatly decreased. Field workers can focus on their jobs without constantly reconnecting to the company’s backend network.

For Enexis, Absolute Secure Access:

  • Allows installers to focus on the job at hand
  • Provides reliable, resilient connections, reducing worker frustration
  • Improves application performance with policies that prioritize key applications

Absolute Platform FAQ

The Absolute® Platform leverages a cloud-based, highly-available and secure multi-tenant architecture that is available across different regions. It’s comprised of a variety of foundational components that power Absolute product features that are being leveraged by the company’s enterprise customers and ecosystems partners (e.g., independent software vendors, original equipment manufacturers, or managed service providers) alike.

The Absolute Platform consists of three core components:

  • Absolute Persistence Technology

Absolute Persistence® technology, a unique, patented technology is already embedded in over 600 million devices as a result of Absolute’s partnership with nearly 30 system manufacturers from around the world. Once activated, this technology is fiercely resilient and is the only solution to survive attempts to disable it, even if the device is re-imaged, the hard drive is replaced, or the firmware is updated.

No other technology can do this. Ultimately, it provides a secure, unbreakable, and always-on connection between the Absolute Platform and the endpoint, allowing you to gain unprecedented real-time visibility, control, and remediation capabilities.

  • Absolute Resilience Technology

The Absolute Platform utilizes two types of patented Absolute Resilience™ technology to ensure that mission-critical applications remain healthy and operational and to provide end users with the most productive, as well as optimized remote access experience possible:

  • Application Resilience™: Monitors mission-critical applications’ health and behavior; detects if missing, corrupted, or not running; and automatically repairs or re-installs components when necessary – without requiring human intervention. Application Resilience ensures security controls are working as expected and provides optimal user experience by fixing unhealthy applications. Currently more than 60 mission-critical applications are enabled for Application Resilience and more are being added frequently.
  • Network Resilience™: Monitors and automatically, as well as transparently restores and optimizes unhealthy network connections so networked applications continue to operate without end user-impacting interruptions that would otherwise require manual application restarts, network re-connects, and/or re-authentications. Network Resilience allows for superior connectivity and reliability, allowing end users to focus on their tasks and not network behavior.
  • Absolute Intelligence

Absolute ensures a digital tether to each device remains intact, providing you with reliable insights and intelligence from all of your endpoints to the network edge — on or off your corporate network.

Hundreds of data points are gathered and served up as insights, providing guidance on utilization, health, security and compliance posture, as well as a unified view into the entire end user experience. Applying AI-based risk assessment and user entity behavior analytics lets you go beyond the monitoring of resources and applications, allowing for automated remediation and uncompromised user productivity.

Other foundational components of the Absolute Platform that enable the Absolute Secure Endpoint™ and Secure Access™ products are as follows:

  • Web console
  • Mobile app
  • Rules and policy engine
  • Alerts
  • Dashboards
  • APIs
  • Application Persistence-as-a-Service SDK
  • Third-party integrations (e.g., SIEM, ITSM)

Customers can leverage the Absolute Platform components through Absolute’s packaged products, APIs, and SDKs. The result will be rapid innovation. The Absolute Platform is always included in the product package of choice.

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