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The Absolute Resilience Platform Awarded 2020 Cyber Catalyst Designation

January 25, 2021

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Absolute Resilience, the company’s leading endpoint resilience solution, has been awarded Cyber Catalyst℠ designation by MarshFor years, Absolute has provided organizations globally with an “unbreakable digital tether” capability that sets up a secure connection to every device regardless of it being on or off the corporate network. 

The Cyber Catalyst program, which is now operating in its third year, brings together well-known international insurers Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty, AXA XL, Beazley, CFC, Munich Re, Sompo International, and Zurich North America to assess cybersecurity solutions it deems having a substantial bearing on mitigating cyber risk. This recognition is even more gratifying since Marsh & McClennan is one of the world’s most reputable and respected professional service firms that customers, for decades, have looked to for reliable guidance on insurance and risk management-related matters.   

Marsh’s selection process deserves special attention as products that earn Cyber Catalyst designation are among a small handful the company awards.  Only 15 products were selected from the 90 that were submitted by an impressive field of cyber security providers. Moreover, the vetting process conducted by the above participating insurers who assessed Absolute Resilience for this designation was not trivial.  To receive this designation, Absolute’s Resilience solution had to be assessed against six critical criteria elements: reduction of cyber risk; key performance metrics; viability; efficiency; flexibility; and differentiation. 

For those customers familiar with Absolute’s solutions, this recognition is unsurprising.  Its offerings have long become a trusted digital tool on the “utility belt” of thousands of IT and Security leaders in enterprise, education, healthcare, and financial firms, just to name a few.   

As a reference to our recent 2020: The State of Endpoint Resilience Reportit reaffirms the enterprise security trends, threats, and opportunities which are top of mind with IT and Security leaders.  The annual study, which represented endpoint data from 8.5 million devices, revealed how endpoint complexity is driving new set of challenges, for example we saw that the average endpoint has 10.2 security controls installed, a 41% increase in sensitive data on endpoints before Covid-19, 33% of enterprise devices are being used with a non-compliant VPN and Windows 10 installations that are often (shockingly) 95 days behind the latest patchhas created a cybersecurity powder keg scenario for many organizationsThis data underscores the benefits that are at the heart of the Absolute Resilience value proposition: the ability to empower devices to quickly and autonomously recover from any disruptive or compromised occurrence (e.g., a lost or stolen laptop) to its original healthy state, including the restoration of critical applications. 

Absolute Resilience utilizes the company’s patented Persistence technology and is embedded in the firmware of over 500 million endpoints. While there are several industries that Absolute Resilience appeals to, high-risk companies such as banks, financial services companies, pharmaceuticals, and even manufacturing, consider this level of control especially critical.   

Regarding the Absolute Resilience platform, here’s a brief sampling of what insurers reported back to Marsh based on the ratings criteria cited above: 

  • “The capacity to provide visibility to all endpoints and look for sensitive information across those endpoints – on or off the network – really gives an enhanced level of control. In high-risk sectors such as banking and financial services, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing, this level of control is highly desirable.”  
  • “A very comprehensive and interesting endpoint solution: it tackles the issue of dark endpoints, quite topical now with so many people working remotely. Intuitive dashboards with valuable reporting metrics out of the box. I like the feature that protects and reinstalls business critical applications.”  
  • “The admin GUI seems easy to use; I like that it cannot be removed from the device because it’s embedded in the firmware itself. Other strong features are the ability to freeze an asset and display a message; easy tracking of where assets are; software able to delete software, data, and remotely wipe a machine not in your possession.” 

What’s the upside for organizations that embrace Cyber Catalyst designated offerings?  Companies utilizing these solutions can be considered for enhanced terms and conditions, including potential reduced cyber insurance premiums with participating insurers. The bottom line for organizations is not only enhanced peace of mind around endpoint device and data protection for IT and Security leaders but possible reduced cyber insurance coverage costs that CFOs will appreciate. 

For more information on the 2020 Cyber Catalyst designation for Absolute Resilience, download the datasheet or see www.absolute.comFor more information on the Cyber Catalyst program, visit the Marsh page via this link. 

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