Absolute Laptop Recovery Leads to Forgery Bust

By: Absolute Team | 2/20/2009

In an overnight burglary, thieves broke into a school and made away with multiple Computrace-equipped laptops.  Upon receiving the school's theft report, the Absolute Recovery Team began tracking each stolen computer, locating one in a nearby neighborhood. After identifying the laptop's user and pinpointing an address, Absolute handed the information over to police, who were able to arm themselves with a search warrant before visiting the suspect's residence.

Police expected the search to uncover the laptop, and it did - along with a series of items that suggested an elaborate document forgery operation. Among other suspicious items, police discovered a printer/scanner complete with a birth certificate still in the feed, a paper cutter and laminator, a custom hole punch ideal for ID cards, and several blank Social Security Cards, each with an identical serial number. One individual was promptly arrested at the scene, while an arrest warrant obtained for the laptop's user, who had managed to flee.

Absolute has since returned the laptop to the school and continues to work toward the recovery of the remaining missing machines.

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Please note that indictments and criminal complaints are merely unproven accusations and the accused, in all cases, are innocent until proven guilty.

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