Absolute Persistence Technology

Embedded in more than 500 million endpoints for self-healing endpoint visibility and control

Persistence is the only technology that keeps you in complete command with a self-healing, two-way connection to any endpoint or application — even if they are off the network. It’s a fundamentally new approach to security, leveraging our privileged position embedded in the firmware of 500 million endpoints. It’s also the advantage behind the Absolute platform.

The power of Persistence can also be extended to your critical applications, providing resiliency and availability with Application Persistence.

Take advantage of Absolute Persistence to:

  • Activate a layer of adaptive defense against threats — reducing the mean time to detection and remediation
  • Guarantee your connection with every endpoint — on or off network
  • Be notified if encryption, SCCM, or anti-virus, or any other security or IT management applications are removed or corrupt
  • Trigger a zero-touch, automatic reinstallation of any supported software agent
  • Scan for sensitive data on an endpoint that’s no longer in your control
  • Remotely invoke adaptive security commands to limit damage and protect data
  • Reach any device, anywhere and execute custom scripts to remediate threats

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We are amazed at their Persistence technology. An IT team member took a hard drive out and put it on another machine. The Absolute software client created itself on the new machine and the old machine with a new hard drive. Indestructible.

Rhode Island Blood Center
David Reynolds
Systems Manager, IT
Rhode Island Blood Center