Multiple CVEs addressed in Secure Access 13.04 and Insights for Network 4.02

Last updated: Oct 30, 2023

Secure Access 13.04

Important: Secure Access 13.04 Server Security Update – The management interface of all supported versions of Mobility and Secure Access servers prior to version 13.04 is vulnerable to CVE-2023-44487 (CVSS 7.5, High). Attackers with access to the Mobility or Secure Access administrative console from the network can execute an unauthenticated server resource exhaustion denial of service (DoS) by sending specially crafted HTTP/2 data to the administrative console. This is a DoS attack; tunnel security is unaffected.

The attack can be mitigated by installing the update, placing the administrative console behind a security layer such as a Web Application Firewall capable of blocking HTTP/2 traffic, and / or following our recommendations for securely configuring network access to the administrative console.

Absolute recommends that customers update their Secure Access servers to 13.04 as soon as possible.


Insights for Network 4.02

Important: Insights for Network Security Update: Insights for Network 4.02 is a maintenance release addressing recent Splunk CVEs for Splunk Enterprise servers prior to version 9.0.6.

Splunk CVEs addressed in this release are:

SVD-2023-0802, SVD-2023-0803, SVD-2023-0804, SVD-2023-0805, SVD-2023-0806, SVD-2023-0807

The highest score for the CVEs addressed in this release is 8.8, High

Absolute Recommends that customers update their Insights for Network servers to 4.02 as soon as possible.

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