The Zero Trust Platforms Landscape, Q2 2023

Absolute Included in Forrester’s Overview of Zero Trust Platforms

Zero Trust platforms can be used in several ways, from connecting different security tools, to unifying security controls across varying workplace models, to adhering with industry standards. Accomplishing these goals can be a challenge for organizations, especially with so many vendors to choose from.

The truth is that Zero Trust is a concept, not a product. Security and risk professionals will need to understand their business needs and evaluate Zero Trust platform vendors based on how their unique offerings meet those needs.

Our Key Findings

Forrester’s Zero Trust Platforms Landscape Report is an essential tool to begin vendor evaluations, based on their size, geographic focus, industry focus, type of offering, and use cases. The report highlights key Zero Trust Platforms functionalities. These include the unification of disparate security tools, application of effective security controls, and alignment of essential functions and industry frameworks. Absolute is named as a notable vendor and recognized for delivering the following extended use cases:

  • Extend and enhance visibility into enterprise assets
  • Enhance segmentation across distributed enterprise

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"Zero Trust platform vendors continue to add functionalities to support outcome-driven use cases. Buyers are looking for vendors that can deliver multiple Zero Trust functionalities and integrate with their currently deployed technologies..."

Forrester, The Zero Trust Platform Landscape, Q2, 2023

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