Enforce endpoint security standards

Meet your security benchmarks by infusing your endpoint controls with resilience

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Many organizations struggle to bridge the gap between their desired security posture and the reality of day-to-day security. Get to the finish line faster with automation and remote controls.

Let your weak links strengthen themselves

61% of organizations want automated solutions in security — Reduce downtime of critical security apps by extending Absolute’s Persistence to them, enabling no-touch repairs of critical controls.


The Absolute Agent is self-healing and resilient, which means it can survive formatting and OS re-install on BIOS-embedded models. With Application Persistence, Absolute can re-install missing applications and repair broken software components on non-functioning applications.

Put an end to tedious, manual updates

75% of organizations are not keeping up with software patching — View all your devices and their configurations from a single dashboard, regardless of platform or location — then update or reconfigure controls remotely and at scale.


Manage all of your devices (Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Android) from a single dashboard and run reports regarding the status of antivirus, encryption, and other essential controls.

Absolute is able to deploy software and make machine configuration changes via Absolute Reach even when machines are remote and not connected to the domain.

Get what you paid for, finally

19% of endpoints need to be repaired every month — Your security investments are only worth the number of devices they’re installed on. Maximize your return by ensuring all devices and applications are configured to your gold image.


Absolute is factory-embedded in the firmware of your devices, so it can reinstall the Absolute software agent if it has been reconfigured or uninstalled. So you always have an accurate assessment of your security posture.

When you need to reconfigure devices, Absolute can deploy software and make machine configuration changes with a library of premade scripts, even when machines are remote and not connected to the domain.

Other ways Absolute can reduce your risk

Find and fix vulnerabilities

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Respond to endpoint risks

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"It takes a lot for me to put faith into an application. I have confidence that the stats Absolute is showing me are true to what's going on in the network. I believe everything it tells me."

Paul Baird - Manager, IT Security Operations
Bovis Homes

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