Secure The Core Of Your Organization: Proprietary Information

Whether it's intellectual property, customer details, or other confidential data, your proprietary information is the essence of your enterprise.

Encryption, while important, does not offer complete protection as traditional controls can still be compromised. Insider threats, password negligence and lack of endpoint visibility can leave you vulnerable to device loss, theft, and illegitimate access to sensitive information.

Your enterprise IT organization is the steward of the information that keeps your company competitive and strong. They need to secure against potentially devastating data breaches, manage your corporate reputation and minimize security vulnerabilities and compliance-related consequences, while maintaining the essential balance between security and productivity.

Amidst the reality of declining resources and budgets, how best to deliver this critical mandate?

Enable Self-Healing Endpoint Security In Your Organization

Securing your enterprise’s data in today’s mobile world requires a comprehensive security strategy, supported by proven technology solutions. For enterprises struggling to manage sensitive information and mobile devices, Absolute provides the only self-healing endpoint security solution. Already embedded in your PCs and mobile devices, our platform delivers complete visibility and near real-time remediation to protect devices, applications, data, and users, whether connected or offline.

With Absolute, you can:

  • Maximize staff productivity while preventing and remediating insider threats.
  • Validate the status of complementary security applications.
  • Identify potential security threats and respond rapidly before they evolve into expensive and damaging security incidents.
  • Demonstrate compliance with even the most stringent regulations.
  • Secure devices, data, and applications across your entire organization, including remote locations, with minimal infrastructure.
  • Leverage time-efficient inventory reporting, efficient device management throughout the entire device lifecycle, lease management, and licensing usage control.
  • Secure employee or contractor transitions.