Absolute Missing Device Reclamation Service FAQ

Collecting missing devices at the end of a school year is a stressful and time-consuming undertaking that often overwhelms school districts’ IT staff. The Absolute Missing Device Reclamation service includes a team of Absolute reclamation experts to track, locate, and secure devices, including contacting users to get devices back. Through regular communication channels with parents and students— combined with the ability to remotely manage, lock, and track a device with Absolute — our experts manage the entire process to minimize device loss and save time for IT teams.

Absolute Missing Device Reclamation service is either part of the Absolute Resilience for Student Devices offer or available for purchase as an add-on. For the latter, it requires an existing subscription to either the Absolute Visibility, Control, or Resilience service tier. It’s available in North America only.

The Absolute Missing Device Reclamation service runs once per year for all devices licensed to Absolute Resilience for Student Devices or with Absolute Missing Device Reclamation Add-On, in North America only. Any additional instances require an Absolute Professional Services engagement. License pricing is based on one execution per customer per year. 

Absolute will provide the following tasks once per year to support Customer missing device reclamation for devices identified by the Customer as missing: 

  1. If supported by and licensed to device, Absolute will send End User Messages directly to Missing Customer Devices, providing instructions for returning missing devices with appropriate contact information using the Absolute End User Messaging capabilities.
  2. As necessary, Absolute will additionally contact end users of missing devices directly via letter, phone, and email based on Named Contact Info provided by Customer for Missing Customer Devices. Users will be given return instructions and contact information.
  3. Device will be rendered inoperable by user (Device Freeze) at Customer’s approval with return and contact information provided in Device Freeze messaging.
  4. Upon notice of a Missing Customer Device’s return by Customer to Absolute, Absolute will update Missing Device Report.
  5. If a Missing Customer Device is identified as stolen by Customer, Absolute will coordinate with local law enforcement at customer’s request to perform Stolen Device Investigation.

To ensure the success of this professional services project, the Customer will be required to provide time and resources in pursuit of project goals, as well as accurate, timely, and complete information. Customer must ensure the following project constraints or assumptions are met: 

  • Customer has completed onboarding of the Absolute Platform. Devices not properly onboarded cannot be reported as missing or investigated.
  • Customer will create login for Absolute asset administrator to access the account.
  • Customer will provide device end user email, last known address, and phone numbers for contact if necessary, during the reclamation process.
  • Absolute’s project team will work with one primary IT administrator Customer team.

Customer must undertake the following activities and tasks: 

  • Project management of Customer activities, and co-ordination with Absolute.
  • If Customer request sharing of device information with local authorities, Customer will provide authorization to Absolute for sharing of such information.
  • Customer will approve of Absolute asset administrators proposed end user messaging within three business days.
  • Customer provides shipping costs for all device shipments to return devices.
  • Customer will provide device information including serial numbers to locate missing or stolen devices.

The Absolute Missing Device Reclamation Add-On SKU is available on Windows, Chrome OS, and Mac devices.

Yes, the Absolute Missing Device Reclamation Add-On service SKU can be added to other licenses (Visibility, Control, or Resilience) on non-student devices.

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