Minimize risk while optimizing user experience

Protect your networks and employees with real-time risk analysis for every request, with Absolute Secure Access.

Ensure uninterrupted secure access, no matter where your employees do their work with the world’s first self-healing Zero Trust platform from Absolute.

Protect your users

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) policy actions strengthen the foundation of your zero trust security posture, bolstering the ability to protect employees from accessing malicious applications and network destinations, and restrict lateral movement.

Protect your organization

Company data and critical applications remain protected, whether they are hosted in the cloud, as a service or on-premises. Applications are made invisible to unsanctioned users, ensuring your organization is safe from intruders or high-risk connections.

Stay resilient with Zero Trust

Absolute’s self-healing ZTNA client for Windows is capable of automatically repairing or reinstalling itself if tampered with, accidentally removed, or otherwise stops working – ensuring it remains healthy and delivers full intended value.

Gather insights from every device

Collect real-time, actionable data about your network and devices to identify challenges before they impact productivity. Turn data insights into business value with Insights for Networks, by Absolute.

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[ZTNA] maintains the same user experience, regardless of an endpoint’s location, and verify that application usage is appropriate. This anytime, anywhere access increases productivity and focuses on the critical resources to be protected.

Pete Lindstrom, IDC

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