Application Persistence

Ensure your mission-critical apps remain installed, healthy, and effective

Seamlessly repair and heal the applications you depend on with Application Persistence™.

Absolute is the only endpoint security solution factory-embedded at the firmware level by 28 of the top device manufacturers. An undeletable line of defense that can self-heal. Contact us to add this capability to nearly any application you choose.

Make sure your security apps are working as intended

Your security posture is only as strong as the applications that support it. By granting self-healing to VPN, encryption, and antivirus/antimalware, you ensure compliance, secure your data, and get the level of security you paid for.

Keep users connected to the data and applications they need

Off-network employees depend on their VPN client to access the data and applications that they need to do their jobs. Provide continuous, secure access — and reduce the potential of ransomware or other attacks — with a persistent VPN client on all your devices.

Maintain a focused and efficient helpdesk

Your IT team doesn’t have to be swamped with tickets for the same application issues. Application Persistence’s automatic remediation can free your helpdesk to tackle more complex problems.

Be prepared for internal and external audits

Prevent compliance drift by automatically regenerating mission-critical apps. Ensure all your devices are in line with HIPAA, HITECH, CCPA, GDPR, NIST, or other protocols — so you can fulfill your mandate and secure funding.

“The safety of our information is very important. With Absolute, we are sure that our data is safe at all times.”

Steve Williams - IT Operations

Industry-leading software applications that customers persist today

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Secure Endpoint FAQ

Absolute Secure Endpoint is one of our company’s core product lines, which leverages the unbreakable connection provided by Absolute Persistence® to enable IT and security personnel to monitor and address computers' problems and enables the computers and their mission-critical applications to self-heal. This helps with IT management, strengthening a company’s security posture, and maintaining compliance.

The Absolute Secure Endpoint product portfolio contains a variety of product packages:

  • Absolute Visibility
  • Absolute Control
  • Absolute Resilience
  • Absolute Ransomware Response

Other variants, such as Absolute Resilience for Student Devices, may be offered to meet particular use cases or geographic market needs.

Absolute Visibility is the entry service tier in the Absolute Secure Endpoint portfolio. Absolute Visibility collects data about the endpoints' location, security posture, and hardware/software inventory. It provides analysis of software and hardware utilization and identifies potential failure points and suspicious use patterns.

Absolute Control is the mid-service tier in the Absolute Secure Endpoint portfolio. Absolute Control adds to Absolute Visibility’s capabilities to control endpoints over the Internet, allowing for critical functions such as remote file deletion and data wipe, freezing devices on demand when at-risk, end user messaging, as well as establishing geo-fences and alerts.

Absolute Resilience is the top service tier in the Absolute Secure Endpoint product portfolio and the most popular package among customers. Compared to Absolute Control, it adds further capabilities to secure endpoints from threats and vulnerabilities, respond to security breaches and incidents, and enable Application Resilience to automatically monitor and detect unhealthy applications and automatically heal them.

Absolute Ransomware Response is a stand-alone offering, which provides capabilities and services to assess an organization's ransomware preparedness and cyber hygiene across endpoints; ensures mission-critical security applications such as anti-malware and device management tools remain healthy and capable of self-healing; and expedites the quarantine and recovery of endpoints if a ransomware attack occurs.

Customers can easily upgrade/downgrade their service subscriptions between Absolute Visibility, Control, and Resilience. Capabilities are additive and enabled via a software license key.

Absolute Ransomware Response is offered as a stand-alone solution primarily for security-conscious customers. Add-on options are offered for Absolute Control and Resilience customers. Absolute Ransomware Response customers can later easily expand their capabilities by changing their subscription to the Absolute Resilience service tier.

Absolute can be purchased through leading device manufacturers, resellers, and distributors. Contact us and we would be happy to help you with this process.

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