A Cloud-Based Solution For A Modern Workforce

The modern workforce isn’t tethered to a desk: people work in transit, on the road, from home, and across multiple office locations. Secure Endpoint solutions by Absolute take advantage of patented Absolute Persistence™ technology to ensure that applications remain installed, healthy, and effective. Absolute has now taken self-healing one step further by applying this technology to its Secure Access product line.

Secure Endpoints

Absolute Persistence

Secure Access

Secure Endpoint

Reliable, resistant endpoints for your anywhere workforce. Guarantee uninterrupted visibility of all your endpoints, apps, and data – even if they’re off your network.

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Secure Access

Minimize risk while optimizing user experience. Protect your networks and employees with real-time risk analysis for every request, with Absolute Secure Access.

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Persistence Technology

Thanks to its unique position embedded in the firmware of 600 million endpoints, Absolute gives you a self-healing, two-way connection to any endpoint or application — even off your network.

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