You’ve invested in the best security controls.

Now make sure they’re always on.

Endpoint security controls decay over time

Our global study of more than 6 million devices revealed that security agents fail as reliably and predictably as a clock.


Endpoints with encryption failures at any given point.


Of breaches still originate at the endpoint.


Endpoint security tools that eventually fail.

2019 Endpoint Security Trends Report

Self-healing remediation is possible. Absolute Resilience enables tamper-proof protection of critical apps to harden your security posture and ensure compliance.

    Most Effective
  Your Plan Absolute Resilience
Hardware & software inventory
Device location & history
Application health reporting
Critical third-party app self-healingMake your applications resilient with tamper-proof protection
Remote scanningRemotely scan for sensitive files to pinpoint, quantify and protect at-risk data
Run custom scriptsQuery and remediate devices immediately and at scale with prebuilt workflows and custom scripts
Recover stolen devicesCount on the Absolute Investigations team to track down and return any lost and stolen devices
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Key Benefits

Protect your critical controls

The Persistence technology you already use provides continuous device visibility and control. What if you could make your critical security tools just as persistent?

You can.

From VPN to device management, encryption to antivirus – Absolute Resilience ensures the automatic self-healing of your endpoint security applications.

Remediate vulnerabilities

Remediate vulnerabilities in real-time

It’s not enough to only see security threats; Absolute Resilience gives you the ability to act quickly against them.

Apps are regularly checked for version control and integrity, with IT teams alerted to take action from within the Absolute platform the moment anything abnormal occurs.

Tap into a library of scripts or run your own to start proactively addressing vulnerabilities today.

Ready to add the power of resilience to your security controls?

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