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2018 Forrester Study

The Value of Absolute’s Endpoint Visibility and Control Platform

Forrester study finds that Absolute delivers 146% ROI over three years, speeds incident remediation, and significantly reduces risk of security breaches.

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Absolute is the safety net that allows organizations to freeze the endpoint to stem any damage and then remediate and return the endpoint to productivity.

2018 Forrester Study of the Total Economic Impact (TEI) of the Absolute Platform

The Absolute Platform: Total Economic Impact

The Total Economic Impact™ of the Absolute Platform, a commissioned 2018 study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Absolute, examines the ROI of deploying the Absolute platform for endpoint and data security, compliance, and remediation, in a composite organization.

Backed by in-depth analysis of five enterprise customers, Forrester has quantified the value provided by Absolute, to assist organizations in evaluating their potential financial benefits and other anticipated returns.

Forrester study results: Absolute ROI, NPV and payback period over 3 years

146% Return on Investment (ROI)

Payback in 6 months

Total benefits of $3.5 million

For a complete look at the value of Absolute, including additional benefits such as productivity gains and cost savings through system consolidation, download the study now.


Global Customers

Absolute gives us assurance that stolen devices don’t become breach liabilities. Our other tools could not detect these devices and give us that sense of security that we now have.

InfoSec leader, Healthcare

The Benefits of Choosing Absolute

Through customer interviews and data aggregation, Forrester concluded that Absolute delivers the following business benefits, productivity gains, and cost savings.

Quantified Three-Year Benefit: 3.5 Million

Productivity Gains and Cost Savings

The Absolute Platform: Total Economic Impact At-A-Glance

See the business benefits enabled by the Absolute endpoint visibility and control platform annually, and over a three-year investment.


By adopting Absolute, the organizations gained a centralized platform that more effectively assessed and secured a wide range of endpoints.

2018 Forrester Study of the Total Economic Impact (TEI) of the Absolute Platform