New Ponemon Study:
The Cost of Insecure Endpoints

Just how dangerous, inefficient, and ineffective are the endpoint security solutions used in most organizations today? The Ponemon Institute independently surveyed hundreds of IT security professionals to find out — and the results are surprising.

Most network endpoints are in the dark.
Do you know how to find them?

Organizations that cannot identify threats lurking in their dark endpoints will be defenseless when attacks inevitably occur, and have no idea how to stay compliant with data protection laws, much less prevent attacks.

63%of companies can’t monitor off-network endpoints

55%of vulnerable endpoints contain sensitive data

$6mspent annually due to ineffective and inefficient endpoint security strategies

Without proof of endpoint compliance, your company is vulnerable to severe regulatory action and fines

Even if organizations have some visibility into their endpoints, most lack the ability to prove endpoint compliance. These companies typically do not have adequate resources to monitor endpoints and will be slapped with regulatory action and reputation damage if they are compromised.

56%of companies lack a cohesive compliance strategy

70%report a “below average” ability to minimize endpoint failure damages

36% of endpoints fail compliance

Inefficient endpoint security can cost you significant amounts of money and resources

The ability to secure endpoints is at an all-time low, and the cost and complexity of reducing endpoint risks are at an all-time high. Survey respondents reported spending an average of 1,156 hours a week to detect and contain insecure endpoints - the equivalent of 28.9 full-time employees spending 100% of their time managing endpoints.

$3.4mdollars spent annually on detection and containment of insecure endpoints alone

50%of companies require 35+ full-time employees to manage endpoints

425hours wasted weekly on false security alerts

Automation increases efficiency and visibility — it’s your best weapon against endpoint attacks

Most organizations piece their security strategy together, leaving gaps that create vulnerabilities to costly attacks. Only 28% of organizations currently incorporate automation into their security strategy, even though 61% are interested in having automation in their security arsenal.

80%of organizations have an unorganized endpoint security strategy

$2mgained annually by automation-driven productivity

$2.1msaved annually by automating inefficient processes

Misconceptions about automation are holding you back from strengthening your security

Don’t let short-term thinking leave you open to a long-term battle against data security attacks. Savings on personnel costs combined with productivity gains and prevention of reputation loss or fines make automation a valuable investment.

68%of malware can be handled by automation tools with zero human intervention

48%of companies are dissatisfied with their endpoint security solution

21%of companies reported not having any endpoint security solution