2020: The State of Endpoint Resilience Report

New enterprise security trends, threats & opportunities revealed in our annual study of 8.5 million devices

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Security controls installed on the average endpoint


Increase in sensitive data on endpoints since pre-COVID-19


Enterprise devices with a non-compliant VPN


Average days that Windows 10 devices are behind on patching

The Impact of Endpoint Complexity, Exposed

The use of new apps — and devices themselves — is skyrocketing. Sensitive data is piling up on the endpoint. And already fragile security controls are decaying faster than ever — exposing security gaps that malicious actors stand ready to exploit.

Explore the global trends shaping data and device security – and the hidden forces threatening endpoint and application health – in this year’s report.

More apps, more vulnerabilities
Remote work is exacerbating security challenges
When apps collide, results can be unexpected

Inconsistent patching is putting organizations at risk

Unpatched software remains a common attack vector for cybercriminals — one recent study found that 60 percent of breaches can be linked to a vulnerability where a patch was available, but not applied.

This report exposes the vulnerabilities introduced by device OS migration and inconsistent patching — and highlights the areas of immediate focus for IT and security teams.

"Absolute seamlessly developed, tested, and deployed Application Persistence to an application that is critical to our business."

Jeff Reinsfelder, Infrastructure Distribution Manager, Allegis Group

Conflicting apps are more common - and dangerous - than you think

New for 2020, we’ve analyzed widely used security applications to understand how they’re conflicting with, or complementing, other endpoint controls.

Explore the factors that impact the health and behavior of the applications — and app pairings — in your environment, to maximize their effectiveness and optimize your security investments.

"As a CIO, Absolute gives me peace of mind so I can sleep at night. It has strengthened our security posture, allowing us to stay in compliance and giving us that extra level of comfort."

George Gunther, CIO, Asplundh

Remote work introduces new security threats

As workforces have gone remote, increases in device usage and new collaboration apps have expanded the attack surface, and the risk of breaches or compliance violations is on the rise.

Study results shine a light on new security blind spots — including a significant and sustained spike in the instances of sensitive data.

"It’s standard for BitLocker to be installed on all of our endpoints… But if it’s not running, then it’s not useful, is it?"

Paul Baird, IT Security Operations Manager, Bovis Homes

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You'll learn:

Why 90% of enterprise Windows 10 devices are missing critical security updates

Which controls are the most fragile — and their rates of decay and collision

How some teams beat average application health scores by 20%

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Endpoint Trends Report 2020

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Join Absolute and featured guest, Forrester, as we reveal the most significant trends shaping data and device security now and in the year ahead. Backed by results from The State of Endpoint Resilience2020 – you’ll learn the hidden forces threatening endpoint resilience – and the steps necessary to protect against them.

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This report leverages anonymized data from enterprise-specific, statistically significant subsets of nearly 8.5 million Absolute-enabled devices active across 13,000+ customer organizations in North America and Europe.

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