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See why organizations of all industries — and all sizes — rely on Absolute and our patented Persistence technology.

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You’re always informed and in control, even if a device is off the network or in the wrong hands.

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Always-Connected IT Asset Management
Hardware Asset Analytics
Prebuilt and Custom Reports
Hardware Configuration & OS Change
Device Readiness
Lease Management Reports
Device Activation & Call History
Missing Devices
Device Location & History
Software Asset Analytics
Predefined and Custom Software Catalogs
Installed Software Overview
Software Configuration Change
Software Licence Compliance Overview
Software Policy Non-Compliance
Unauthorized Software
Cloud Storage Software
Technology Analytics
User Login/Unlock Events
Keyboard and Mouse Activity Tracking
Gather precise contextual insights with Absolute Reach
Remediate Device Vulnerabilities with Absolute Reach
Self-Healing Endpoint Security
Perform rapid security queries with Absolute Reach
Deploy automation commands with Absolute Reach
Execute custom remediation workflows with Absolute Reach
Security Vitals Dashboards
Security Posture Reports
Anti-Malware Solution Status
Encryption Status
Application Persistence Modules**
Microsoft Applications*
Microsoft SCCM
Microsoft BitLocker
Data Protection**
WinMagic SecureDoc Encryption
Device Management**
Ivanti Endpoint Manager
Endpoint Protection**
Ziften Zenith
F5 BIG-IP Edge Client
Any Other Application (Absolute Activated)**
Device Freeze
Regular Device Freeze
Offline Device Freeze
End User Messaging
Android Vulnerability Report
Security Incident Investigation
Device Theft Investigation & Recovery
Absolute Safe Schools (for Education Customers Only)
Continuous Data Visibility & Protection
At-Risk Data Detection***
Discover Sensitive Data On/Off Network
Identify PHI, PFI, SSN, and Intellectual Property
Scheduled or On-Demand Data Scans
Data Risk Dashboards***
Risk & Cost Exposure Dashboard
Data Risk Assessment
Data Drift Protection***
Integration to Microsoft Azure Information Protection
Devices with At-Risk Files in Cloud
Data Delete
Selective & Custom Data Delete
Device End of Life - Full Secure Data Wipe - with Compliance Certificate
Remote File Retrieval
File List
Absolute Platform Features
SIEM Integration
Role-Based Access Control
QuickStart Onboarding

* Available as an Add-On to Visibility & Control Editions

** Available as Add-Ons to Any Edition

*** Also available as a Data Awareness Add-On to Any Edition