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Asset intelligence. Automated hygiene. Continuous compliance.

Absolute delivers persistent endpoint visibility & control. Choose the edition that’s right for your organization.

Always-Connected IT Asset Management
Hardware Asset Analytics
Prebuilt and Custom Reports
Hardware Configuration and OS Change
Device Readiness
Lease Management Reports
Device Activation and Call History
Missing Devices
Device Location and History
Software Asset Analytics
Predefined and Custom Software Catalogs
Installed Software Overview
Software Configuration Change
Software Licence Compliance Overview
Software Policy Non-Compliance
Unauthorized Software
Cloud Storage Software
Technology Analytics
User Login/Unlock Events
Keyboard and Mouse Activity Tracking
Gather precise contextual insights with Absolute Reach
Remediate Device Vulnerabilities with Absolute Reach
Self-Healing Endpoint Security
Perform rapid security queries with Absolute Reach
Deploy automation commands with Absolute Reach
Execute custom remediation workflows with Absolute Reach
Security Vitals Dashboards
Security Posture Reports
Anti-Malware Solution Status
Encryption Status
Application Persistence Modules**
Microsoft Applications*
Microsoft SCCM
Microsoft BitLocker
Data Protection**
WinMagic SecureDoc Encryption
Device Management**
Ivanti Endpoint Manager
Ivanti Patch
Endpoint Protection**
ESET Endpoint Antivirus
McAfee ePO
Ziften Zenith
Cisco AnyConnect
F5 BIG-IP Edge Client
Pulse Secure
Any Other Application (Absolute Activated)**
Device Freeze
Regular Device Freeze
Offline Device Freeze
End User Messaging
Android Vulnerability Report
Device Theft Investigation and Recovery
Risk Analysis (for Non-Education Customers Only)
Absolute Safe Schools (for Education Customers Only)
Continuous Data Visibility and Protection
At-Risk Data Detection**
Discover Sensitive Data On/Off Network
Identify PHI, PFI, SSN, and Intellectual Property
Scheduled or On-Demand Data Scans
Data Risk Dashboards**
Risk and Cost Exposure Dashboard
Data Risk Assessment
Data Drift Protection**
Integration to Microsoft Azure Information Protection
Devices with At-Risk Files in Cloud
Data Delete
Selective and Custom Data Delete
Device End of Life - Full Secure Data Wipe - with Compliance Certificate
Remote File Retrieval
File List
Absolute Platform Features
SIEM Integration
Role-Based Access Control
QuickStart Onboarding

* Available as add-ons to Visibility and Control editions.

** Available as add-ons to any edition.