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See why organizations of all industries — and all sizes — rely on Absolute and our patented Persistence technology.

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You’re always informed and in control, even if a device is off the network or in the wrong hands.

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Reporting & Analytics
Device Policies
Fixed & Smart Device Groups
Build/Save Custom Reports
Hardware Asset Reports
Printer Driver
Monitor Driver
Hardware Configuration and OS Change
Hard Disk Space Available
Device Readiness
Mobile Broadband Adapters
Mobile Device
Software Catalog for Application Normalization
Predefined Catalog
Custom Catalog Creation
Software Asset Reports
Installed Software Overview
Software Configuration Change
Software by Device
Software Licence Compliance Overview
Microsoft Audit Summary
Software Policy Non-Compliance
Installed Programs by Device
Installed Programs by Account
Account Management Reports
Licence Usage Summary
Calling Profiles
User Audit
User Event
Lease Management Reports
Lease Completion
User Entered Data
Technology Analytics*  
User Login Events  
Device Unlock Events  
Keyboard and Mouse Activity  
Risk Assessment
Security Reports  
Security Posture Dashboard
Security Posture Reports
Custom Security Posture Report  
Operating System Updates  
Internet Browsing Configuration  
Unauthorized Software  
Missing Anti-Malware  
Modem Addition  
Suspicious Devices  
Full-Disk Encryption Status  
Application Report & Repair  
SCCM Status Reporting  
SCCM Status History Reporting  
SCCM Repair    
BitLocker Status Reporting  
BitLocker Repair    
Call History/Loss Control Reports
Call History
Missing Devices
Device Drift by Device Name
Device Drift by User Name
Event Calling
SIEM Connector  
RSA Analytics (Enhanced Integration)  
HP ArcSight (Enhanced Integration)  
Splunk (Enhanced Integration)  
All Other SIEM Vendors  
Risk Response
Data Delete  
Custom Policy  
All Files  
Lost or Stolen Device - Delete all Files and OS  
Device End of Life - Delete all Files, Sector Wipe, and OS  
End of Life Data Delete Certificate  
Device Freeze  
Regular Device Freeze  
Offline Device Freeze  
End User Messaging  
File List  
Remote File Retrieval  
Endpoint Data Discovery (EDD)
At-Risk Data Detection    
EDD Reporting By Device    
EDD Match Score Summary Report    
At-Risk Data Report    
Pre-built EDD Rules (Lexicon)    
Custom EDD Rules (Lexicon)    
Cloud Storage Applications      
Devices with Cloud Storage Software  
Devices with At-Risk Files in Cloud    
Security Dashboard    
Risk & Cost Exposure Dashboard    
Call History/Loss Control Reports
Device Location
Device Location History
Endpoint Investigations
Security Incident Investigation    
Device Theft Investigation and Recovery**    

Features vary by Operating System.
* Available for Windows, Mac and Chromebooks.
** Available for Windows, Mac and Android devices with Persistence® technology