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You’re always informed and in control, even if a device is off the network or in the wrong hands.

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Uncompromised Visibility And Near Real-Time Remediation Powered By Self-Healing Endpoint Security

The Absolute Platform combines our cloud-based Device and Data Security (DDS) console and patented self-healing embedded Persistence technology to give you always-on visibility and near real-time control of your devices, data, applications and users. Only Absolute gives you the power to withstand user error or malicious attacks and return to an original state of safety and efficacy in near real-time. World-class enterprises, government and K12 organizations, OEMs and software vendors all trust the Absolute Platform to protect millions of devices, thousands of applications and petabytes of regulated data.

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With Absolute, you can activate and deploy instantly to:

  • Ensure device and data visibility on and off the network
  • Reduce vulnerabilities and remediate breaches instantly
  • Harden your overall security posture
  • Enforce compliance
  • Improve IT and security staff productivity

Absolute Data & Device Security

Eliminate Dark Endpoints, Identify At-Risk Data and Ensure Compliance with Absolute’s Cloud-Based Solution

With Absolute Data & Device Security (DDS), you can see and control what others cannot via our own cloud-based console or as an integrated feed for SIEM solutions such as RSA Security Analytics, Splunk, HP ArcSight, and others. Absolute DDS can be quickly deployed throughout your organization without costly staff and infrastructure resources or difficult to enforce changes in user behavior. With our solution, there is zero impact on the user and administrator.

The remarkable staying power of Absolute, and the resulting visibility and control is powered by Absolute’s self-healing technology. By maintaining an unbreakable two-way connection to the device, DDS gives you the insight you need to assess risk and apply remote security measures so you can protect each endpoint and the sensitive data it contains. At last, you have the power to eliminate blind spots and surprises, trigger remedial actions to stop breaches, and ensure compliance and resilience across your endpoints — wherever they may be.

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Application Persistence

Enable Self-Healing Applications with the Unstoppable Power of Persistence

Organizations invest in market-leading endpoint controls and applications to protect their most critical assets, but full application availability and integrity is required to remain effective. However once deployed, devices get re-imaged, malware disables applications, registry files become corrupted, and we all know the impact of negligent or malicious users. Critical applications such as VPN, anti-virus, encryption, systems management and other controls that have historically been too easily compromised, have left IT and security pros flying blind…. until now.

Once an exclusive advantage for Absolute’s own self-healing Data and Device Security product, Application Persistence now provides our self-healing capabilities to third-party endpoint solutions. Application Persistence provides firmware-level visibility and remediation to automatically self-heal critical applications. This exclusive zero-touch remediation occurs regardless of malicious or negligent attempts to circumvent. With Application Persistence, both enterprises and ISVs can build complete application resiliency, prove compliance, eliminate blind-spots and deliver ROI.

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