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GDPR Data Risk Assessment

Evaluate your GDPR data risk with a free assessment highlighting potential areas of exposure

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Evaluate GDPR data exposure on a subset of your device population

  • Overview of data risk as it pertains to elements of GDPR
  • High level report highlighting potential data vulnerabilities
  • Recommendations to strengthen GDPR compliance and overall endpoint security posture

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Sensitive Data Chart

What’s Included with Your GDPR Data Risk Assessment

Data Encryption

Understand where measures should be taken to protect and secure personal data

Application Health

Identify areas of potential negligent behavior such as disabled critical security applications, re-imaged machines, malware intrusion, or corrupted registry files

Domain Names and OS Keys

Identify devices with domain names or OS keys out of the norm that could signal suspicious activity

Remote Access Software

Determine if users or malicious threats are accessing devices via non-authorized channels, potentially to extract data

Absolute — Trusted Endpoint Visibility and Control

15,000+ global customers

25+ years protecting devices

7M+ Active endpoints