Rhode Island Blood Center Protects Donor Information and Locates Laptops Using Absolute

The Rhode Island Blood Center is a six-location independent blood bank that serves as the only source of blood and blood products for the hospitals in the state of Rhode Island. The Center was established in 1979 as a non-profit community blood center. Today, their important work is carried out by a team of 350 employees and 180 volunteers.

The Rhode Island Blood Center must collect about 250 pints of volunteer donor blood daily to meet the needs of its community. Though many people donate at the state’s six locations, the Center relies heavily on more than 3,000 mobile blood drives done each year at various events and corporate sponsor offices. Laptop computers are used during these mobile blood drives for data collection from donors.


The Rhode Island Blood Center had no asset tracking on their laptops and began to worry about what would happen if a laptop, and the confidential donor information it contained, went missing or was stolen. Recalls Reynolds, “We have blood drives state-wide, and laptops go out on each of them. In 2005, we didn’t have any asset tracking or information protection. We wanted the ability to remotely track the whereabouts of these laptops and secure the confidential data they contained.”


“The price was a great selling point, plus Absolute had all the benefits we were looking for and then some. Deployment was easy, took just a couple of weeks. Now, if a laptop goes missing, we can remotely delete the information on it and report the laptop as missing in a police report,” says Reynolds. Rhode Island Blood Center has Absolute installed on 72 laptops, and plans to install on 30 Lenovo tablets.

“Since installing Absolute, we’ve executed six device freezes and data deletes,” says Reynolds. “Of those, two laptops were destroyed in a large flood. Four, however, were stolen from our Center locations and we executed a data delete right away so none of our confidential data was compromised.”

“I endorse Absolute as a means to track mobile devices. The functionality keeps getting better in each version, which makes recommending the solution even easier. In the Absolute Customer Center, we can see which laptop has which software installed, if anyone has been fooling around with the hard drive or memory, and if people were logging in with usernames that shouldn’t have been.”

David Reynolds, IT Systems Manager, Rhode Island Blood Center

“We really like the Device Location History Report. When a laptop has been inadvertently left in a room or a car, this report helps our users quickly find it. When someone is on a road trip, the last thing we want to do is remotely wipe a machine that’s maybe just been left in a meeting room,” says Reynolds.


Delivers a simple and easy to use solution to manage and protect laptops
Lost or stolen laptops can be found and recovered versus paying for replacement devices
Freezing a device or deleting the data on a lost or stolen machine protects donor information and provides an important component for compliance with AABB and FDA regulations