Hundreds of Thousands Saved Makes Absolute a “No Brainer” for Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools

The core mission for Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools (KCKPS) is to eliminate achievement gaps and ensure that all students reach a high level of success. To foster student achievement, the district firmly believes in integrating technology into instruction. As such, it launched a 1:1 computing program in 2007. KCKPS has since seen great gains in student success.

KCKPS looked to establish a 1:1 computing program that would provide 6,000 Apple computers to its students and teachers. Underlying this initiative was a desire to extend learning opportunities beyond the regular school day, and so the proposed program allowed students to take their laptops home each night.


When first told of plans for the 1:1 program, the school, parents, and the local community voiced a common concern: that of student safety. With devices come theft and the misdemeanors that surround it. What if students were bullied to hand over their laptop? Would the program attract thieves? And how could an already tight IT budget overcome the sunken costs of loss due to theft? For KCKPS, proving that these concerns were addressed was a crucial step in gaining approval.


Joe Fives, Director of Technology & Information Services for KCKPS, knew that an adaptive endpoint security solution was a solid first step in easing concerns of student safety. After evaluating a number of products, he selected Absolute.

“We selected Absolute because of its reputation, functionality and performance. It has a great reputation in the device recovery category, and we knew that it had worked well for similar 1:1 programs. Absolute also has a lot of experience in the education space—so we knew it was a good fit to protect our laptops.”

Joe Fives, Director of Technology & Information Services, Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools

Tight resources meant that any technology selected needed to be quick and inexpensive to implement. Because the solution is delivered via the cloud, it requires no additional infrastructure. The installation process was also compatible with the school’s imaging process for Apple computers. “Absolute is very easy to deploy in large numbers so it eased concerns of a long, complicated implementation process. We were literally done installation in a matter of days.” Fives worked to ensure that both the school and local community were educated on Absolute and its theft recovery capabilities. KCKPS promoted Absolute, not only as a reliable recourse for theft, but also, a valuable theft deterrent. The district opted to put Stop Theft stickers on each machine to remind potential thieves that tracking software was in place. A final step to gain the school board’s approval, KCKPS needed to show how it would effectively manage program costs. The Service Guarantee became an important element in proving the school’s cost accountability. If Absolute is unable to recover a stolen computer, the customer is eligible to receive up to $1,0001.

KCKPS has realized substantial cost savings since implementing Absolute. Fives estimates that the combination of the product’s theft recovery capabilities and Service Guarantee has saved the district over $100,000. “That number alone shows that Absolute is a no brainer for schools,” he says. Moreover, he explains that this figure only accounts for the measurable savings—Absolute has derived immense value from its ability to deter theft. “If you factor how many thefts people’s knowledge of Absolute has prevented, I can easily say that Absolute has saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars—if not closer to a million.

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Device recovery, service guarantee, and theft deterrence has saved the district over $100,000
Cloud-based solution requires no extra infrastructure
Potential thieves are now aware of the solution so theft is deterred