CareSource PHI is Protected by Absolute

CareSource is a non-profit, Medicaid-managed care company based in Dayton, Ohio. Since 1989, CareSource has grown to the largest Medicaid-managed care plan in Ohio and the second largest in the US. The team at CareSource is committed to making a difference in the lives of Medicaid-qualified, underserved people by improving their access to and quality of healthcare. This mission is their “heartbeat” and dedication is the hallmark of their success.

With 1,400 staff working to meet the healthcare needs of more than 900,000 members, reliable, secure technology and access to health and policy information are essential for CareSource. CareSource also needs to safeguard this information day to day and at device retirement.


In 2009, the mix of laptops to desktops at CareSource was 30:70, with approximately 300 laptops in a growing inventory. The CareSource IT team knew they needed to track all their machines—especially the more portable laptops—because they contained protected health information (PHI). The CareSource IT team also wanted to work toward best practices in protecting PHI and compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).


CareSource looked at several solutions but Absolute offered features that met their needs perfectly. “It was our responsibility to choose a solution that could help us protect the PHI on our laptops,” says Jarad Preece, IT Manager at CareSource.

Commenting on the deployment of the Absolute platform, Preece recalls: “The deployment was easy, it took just a couple of weeks.”

Persistence technology by Absolute is embedded into device firmware at the factory. If the Absolute agent is removed—for instance, as the result of installing a new operating system—it simply reinstalls itself. This level of Persistence allows CareSource to maintain contact with each device, regardless of user or location.

“With our hard drive encryption layer, we feel the data on our laptops is safe. We have high standards for data security—and our forensics department was very satisfied with the data delete that the Absolute platform can perform.”

Jarad Preece, IT Manager, CareSource

Because of the healthcare policy laws, including HIPAA, that CareSource must adhere to, the IT team has to provide an end of life certificate to show that a complete data delete has been performed on a device when it is retired. Absolute makes this possible.


Quick, easy tracking of laptops and desktops
Ensures sensitive PHI stored on computers is protected
Remote security commands and end of life data delete certificates allow CareSource to satisfy compliance requirements