New Ponemon Study:
The Cost of Insecure Endpoints

Just how dangerous, inefficient, and ineffective are the endpoint security solutions used in most organizations today?

The Ponemon Institute independently surveyed hundreds of IT security professionals to find out — and the results are surprising.

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Join founder and chairman, Dr. Larry Ponemon, and Richard Henderson, global security strategist at Absolute, to learn about the results.

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A Hard Lesson in Vulnerability Management for Equifax

Since announcing its breach on Thursday, Equifax has taken a formidable beating in the media, and I suspect at virtually every office water cooler in the U.S. Waiting six weeks before telling consumers about the breach of their sensitive, personal information to first ‘get their story straight’ has ....

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Equifax: This Saga is Just Beginning

News of yet another data breach, this time at credit bureau Equifax, was announced yesterday afternoon and sadly, it isn’t all that surprising. Time and again we experience ‘massive breaches’ where the hackers get away with troves of personal information. From retail to healthcare, government ....

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