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Reduce Risk and Ensure Ongoing Compliance

How can you maintain 100% compliance when you can’t see an average of 20% of your endpoints at any given time? Do you continually encounter situations where your endpoint security solutions are not properly working across all of your devices? If so, your organization may be in a vulnerable position and unable to validate data security at the exact moment of an incident or confirm the status of your installed security applications.

These dark endpoints breed data breaches, cause visibility and control gaps, and create unacceptable cracks in your layered security strategy. Given this reality, your organization is at risk of facing fines and regulatory penalties, negative brand and reputational impact, and the high cost of trying to prove compliance.

Self-Healing Endpoint Security

With Absolute’s Compliance solutions built upon our self-healing endpoint security products, accurate endpoint status reports are only a few clicks away. This lets you audit your security readiness in a lightning-fast and consistently reliable manner. With Absolute, you’ll have full confidence your endpoint controls are active and compliant. Plus, you’ll achieve higher levels of control and uncompromised visibility over your security posture across every security layer and also form an aggregate assessment of your entire security stack.

It’s time to take firm control of your security posture to prevent, assess, and respond to emerging threats — on or off your network. Absolute helps you achieve 100% of your compliance goals with ease with our patented self-healing Persistence technology. Because it’s embedded in more than one billion popular endpoint devices, it provides you tamper-proof endpoint monitoring and protection capabilities that surpass the limitations of traditional software solutions.

With Absolute you gain:

  • Accurate compliance data that was once unobtainable
  • The ability to prove compliance at the time of incident
  • Full and precise visibility of all endpoints on and off network
  • Confidence that security applications are properly installed and active
  • Automated reports to ensure data accuracy and improve resource efficiencies
  • Visibility of endpoint utilization and installed software
  • Reduced risk of data loss and the potential of facing financial penalties

Read the latest Technology Spotlight from the researchers at IDC to learn how Absolute’s embedded security solutions can help you gain total visibility and control of your data, your devices, your applications and your users through the power of embedded persistence.

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