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Endpoint Security and
IT Asset Management Solutions

From tools that harden the resiliency of endpoint agents, to at-risk data discovery and remediation, to addressing industry-specific compliance requirements, Absolute’s solutions exponentially improve existing security controls and automate self-healing. Today’s business challenges — especially increased by cyber threats and a mobile workforce — demand a new breed of self-healing endpoint security and management solutions, and Absolute delivers.

Our solutions remain are resilient in the face of tampering or attack, ensuring that you are always protected in today’s digital, hyperconnected world. Explore our portfolio of always-on endpoint security and management solutions to protect your devices, data, applications and users — on or off the network.

Data Breach Prevention

Detect and enforce compliance for at-risk data on devices and in the cloud.

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Data Visibility and Protection

Remain in control of your sensitive data at all times.

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Endpoint Security

Harden your security posture and fortify your entire security stack.

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EU GDPR Compliance

Ensure your organization is compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Governance and Compliance

Control the status of your critical applications and remediate vulnerabilities before a major incident happens.

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Insider Threat Prevention

Identify and stop malicious or negligent insiders, regardless of user or whether they’re on or off your network.

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IT Asset Management

Effectively manage all your IT assets in a simple and automated fashion — to save time, headaches, and money.

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Shadow IT

Know how your data is being used and where it is hidden, allowing you to take action to avoid loss or theft.

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Industry Solutions


Use rich Student Technology Analytics to protect your data, devices, and students, while driving better student performance through technology.

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Identify potential security threats and allow you to respond immediately before they evolve into larger, more damaging, and costly security incidents.

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Financial Services

Protecting the most sensitive financial data and personally identifiable information with uncompromised visibility into every dark corner of your endpoints.

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Master the unique security and compliance needs of public organizations with easy to deploy and manage self-healing endpoint security solutions.

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Secure sensitive patient information on and off of the network while delivering the highest levels of patient care with an always-on connection to all of your endpoints.

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