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Identify and Stop Malicious or Negligent Users

Up to 43% of all breaches are the result of insiders either inadvertently or maliciously putting data at risk. The potential risks associated with insider threats are particularly frightening because insiders already have the necessary credentials and access to do significant damage to your business.

Even if insider behavior is only negligent and not intending to be malicious, every day, your mobile workforce takes sensitive data with them on potentially insecure mobile devices. Activity while on the network may be closely monitored, but you have no way to detect suspicious behavior or if important data is stored on an endpoint, especially off network.

This lack of control and visibility into devices that are off-network prevents the enforcement of data security policies, resulting in your organization being at risk of:

  • Lost proprietary information, intellectual property, and sensitive data
  • Financial penalties due to regulatory noncompliance
  • Exposure to employee noncompliance around security policies
  • Exposure to malicious and/or negligent employees and contractors

Protect Against Malicious and Negligent Insiders — No Matter Where They May Be

When you consider the potential risks surrounding malicious or negligent insiders, it’s critical to have Absolute’s Insider Threat Prevention solutions in place to monitor your most important data assets. Only Absolute shows you exactly where your most sensitive data lives so you can effectively monitor and restrict its exposure. Our data at-risk discovery tools give you the ability to scan endpoints for common or customized sensitive files and remove them from the identified endpoints before they can be ex-filtrated to external storage devices or to the cloud.

With Absolute’s Insider Threat Prevention solutions, you will reduce insider threats by identifying and removing suspicious individuals and preventing malicious activity. And, you can always trust that you will have the visibility and control to spot and stop insider threats because our solutions are based on a two-way connection to every endpoint. This gives you the power to confidently manage mobility, investigate potential threats, and take action if a security incident occurs.

With Absolute You Can:

  • See all endpoints on or off the corporate network
  • Get proactive alerts for suspicious endpoints
  • Detect and identify the presence of at-risk data on endpoints or the cloud
  • Remotely recover and delete data from lost or stolen endpoints
  • Verify security solutions are working correctly
  • Prevent the disabling or uninstallation of critical security applications with a zero-touch, automatic reinstallation
  • Take remote action on suspicious devices
  • Reduce exposure due to rogue user and device activity
  • Extend the reach of security teams to include off- network mobile devices

The insider threat already lives in and is taking advantage of the cloud, which could lead to major data breach incidents, tarnished corporate reputation, and severe financial penalties. Only true visibility and a preventive approach can unmask the threat and mitigate the risk.

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