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Ensure The Security of Government Information and Maximize Public Sector Productivity

Perhaps no other type of organization is under more frequent and sophisticated attack than government agencies. While you have a modern mobile workforce, you are entrusted with the some of the most sensitive data. The sheer quantity of which is staggering including Social Security numbers, credit card data, criminal records, and even personal health data. Encryption is just not enough to protect this data today.

Tasked with meeting compliance challenges in a complex regulatory environment, including increasingly high settlement fees for data breaches, government IT organizations must be good stewards of the information they’re charged with protecting that flows through government agencies.

Traditional controls are easily compromised by nation-state attackers, hacktivists, insider threats and other malicious actors. But you must also deal with potential physical threats such as device loss or theft and illegitimate access to sensitive information. A data breach could be devastating – from reputation issues and escalating security vulnerabilities to compliance-related consequences. Without the IT staff or resources to keep up, it’s a matter of finding a way to fill in the gaps.

Self-Healing Endpoint Security for Regulated Government Organizations

Absolute provides the only self-healing endpoint security solution for government organizations struggling to manage and secure mobile endpoints and sensitive data. With technology that is already embedded in your endpoints, Absolute solutions deliver visibility and near real-time remediation to protect devices, applications, data and users — on or off the network.


  • Strengthen your overall security posture and pre-empt data security incidents with insight into any suspicious activity.
  • Ensure and prove compliance with the most stringent regulations by determining that sensitive data was encrypted or not accessed if an incident occurs.
  • Leverage the ISO 27001 certification that our Information Security Management System (ISMS) complies with — one of the most stringent international standards; FIPS 140-2 validation with NIST-certified encryption between software agents and our server; and compliance with VPAT Section 508 and TAA.
  • Use geotechnology to track and monitor device and data movement across borders and remotely freeze or wipe data based on conditions.
  • Prove funding is being used effectively or needed to secure devices, data and users across your entire organization, including remote locations, with minimal infrastructure.
  • Leverage time-efficient inventory reporting, efficient device management throughout the entire device lifecycle, lease management, licensing usage control, and secure employee or contractor transitions.

State and local government agencies are under pressure to do more with fewer resources. They are tasked with ensuring the security of the communities they serve – including the protection of sensitive data – and they must maintain high standards of security in an increasingly challenging environment, with limited budgets.

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