What’s New in Mobility 12.14


Mobility 12.14 is a Mobility server release addressing two security issues, and improving interoperability, performance, and reliability.

Security: CVE-2021-40066, CVE-2021-40067

NetMotion has issued an update to Mobility v12.x addressing one low and one medium severity incorrect access control vulnerability in the Mobility server web APIs. Full information regarding the vulnerabilities and what customers can do to mitigate them is available under security advisories on our website.

Interoperability, Performance and Reliability:

  • Improved interoperability with Cisco’s ISE RADIUS implementation
  • Improved server-side QoS to support many clients doing simultaneous downloads
  • Improved DHCP interface selection on the Mobility Server

Supported Platforms:

Microsoft has recently released Windows Server 2022. Windows Server 2022 is not a supported platform for the Mobility v12.14 server. Following our practice, we will certify new Windows server operating systems after they have passed acceptance and stability tests in our test lab. Please review our supported systems page for the most up to date list of supported server and client operating systems. For more details on this release, please consult our known and resolved issues page.

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