What’s New in Mobility 12.12


Mobility 12.12 is a maintenance release for all server and client platforms addressing over 50 functionality, stability, and security issues. 

Of the resolved issues, 12 have security implications. On the CVSS 3.1 scale, 10 issues are rated ‘low’, and two issues are rated ‘medium’. The highest scoring issue is 5.3. Administrators are encouraged to download and install version 12.12 clients and servers as soon as is practical.

Mobility Server Improvements:

  • Improvements to cross-forest domain authentication
  • Improvements to server stability and availability.
  • Updates to supported cipher suites.
  • Minor updates to internationalization support

Mobility Client Improvements

  • Improvements to DNS and routing support
  • Improvements to client and connection stability
  • Support for new Play Store privacy and usability guidelines
  • Improvements gathering diagnostics data

For more information on the customer facing issues addressed in this release and descriptions of the two CVSS ‘medium’ issues, please review the Mobility v12.1x Known and Resolved Issues page.

Please consult the Mobility v12.1x documentation for recommendations on upgrades and secure configuration.

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