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Absolute Helps Global Business Transform Worldwide Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Premiere Global Services, Inc. (PGi) has been a global leader in virtual meetings for more than 20 years. PGi’s cloud-based solutions deliver multi-point, real-time virtual collaboration using video, voice and file sharing technologies. PGi solutions are available via desktops, tablets or mobile devices, helping businesses worldwide be more productive, mobile and green. PGi has a global presence in 25 countries and an established base of more than 40,000 enterprise customers, including 75% of the Fortune 100. In the last five years, PGi has hosted nearly one billion people from 137 countries in more than 200 million meetings.

The PGi office in Cork, Ireland is headquarters for the company’s EMEA operations, which also includes India. PGi has around 150 sales staff that operate in the EMEA region, marketing and selling PGi products and services. They use a fleet of more than 600 mobile devices. The laptops and mobile devices are used for remote working and to demonstrate PGi applications to prospects and customers across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India.

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PGi invested in a fleet of tablets to support its salesforce. Devices were being used for email and therefore contained potentially sensitive data that needed to be secured. One of the big challenges for PGi is the huge geographical area over which they operate. Once deployed it was likely that as many as 75% of the devices would never return to head office, requiring remote security for the entire lifecycle of the device. Even the reassignment of a device to a new employee may require remote interaction, without IT physically touching the device.


PGi chose Absolute to protect their mobile devices and the corporate data they contain. Absolute is used for asset management and security for laptops and was deemed to be the best product on the market. PGI uses Absolute to monitor and prevent the use of unapproved software on laptops. It also provides extremely effective security for the endpoint, which includes tracking and wiping data from missing or stolen laptops.

Prior to Absolute, PGI used a spreadsheet to manage mobile devices. Now they have instant access to detailed information about each device, allowing them to provide reports to the business, including more accurate billing and to spot excessive phone use.


Ensures mobile devices used anywhere in the world are secured.
Makes device set up and configuration quick and simple and detailed asset information can be pulled in real time.
Time and resources are saved by accurate and automated tracking of device, application and software use

Once deployed across EMEA, many of our mobile devices may never return to head office so Absolute is very important because they allow us to keep track of hardware anywhere in the world.

Tony O’Connor
Technical Support Agent, Network Operations
Premiere Global Services (PGi)
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