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The Power of Absolute Maximizes Klein Independent School District One-to-One Program

In Klein Independent School District (ISD), every student enters with a promise and exists with a purpose. The district in Klein, Texas covers 88 square miles and serves 53,000+ students through five high schools, ten intermediate schools and 31 elementary schools. The district employs 7,200 employees.

Klein ISD is known for its innovative culture and dedication to leveraging technology to empower students and staff to harness the latest advancements in education. It made perfect sense then when they deployed a one-to-one computing program that provisions one device for each student.

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For a successful one-to-one program, Klein ISD needed a way to:

  • Track, manage, repair, and recover across more than 37,000 devices
  • Access analytics on device utilization and storage
  • Ensure tamper-proof security and user privacy
  • Demonstrate value of one-to-one program to tax-payers


For the last ten years, Klein ISD has leveraged Absolute for its ability to provide a single source of truth into their device fleet and manage them remotely. They also rely on Absolute for deep analytics on device use and the protection of student, faculty and staff data. To deploy Absolute, Klein ISD simply activated the technology already embedded in each device at the manufacturer.

“Initially, stop loss was the primary reason we chose Absolute, but what keeps us at the table today is their ability to provide us with more information about what’s being stored on the devices and what’s being utilized,” said Chris Cummings, Director of Information Technology, Teaching & Learning, Klein ISD. “I continue to choose Absolute because of their innovation. They help us stay ahead of compliance and offer the latest advantages to our students and faculty.”

Over the years, Absolute has introduced new product features and solutions that Klein ISD has leveraged, including tamper-proof device visibility and control for a persistent, self-healing connection between IT and all devices, whether they are on or off the network.

Student data privacy is another area of primary importance to Klein, with state mandates like SB820 in Texas. They have had instances where sensitive equipment might have been stolen, but with the power of Absolute’s Persistence® technology, they were able to safeguard information on the device.

“Texas SB820 requires us to have cybersecurity policies and a framework in place, and thanks to Absolute, we were way ahead in the ability to meet those requirements,” Cummings explained. “We already had a comprehensive security toolset in place.”

With Absolute Student Technology Analytics, Klein also benchmarks student technology usage to prove learning outcomes and secure future funding.

“It’s one thing to implement a security program; it’s another to measure the effectiveness of your security program,” Cummings added. “And with Absolute, we’re able to verify just how effective our program really is.”

The relevant, data-driven insights pulled from the Absolute console drive informed decision-making and ROI.

“Being a good steward of taxpayers’ funding means we always keep an eye out for more efficient, cost effective ways to manage at a reasonable cost so we can maintain sustainability long-term. That’s why we continue to use Absolute,” said Cummings.


Maintain compliance and safeguard student data.
Measure effectiveness of security program.
Find efficiencies and secure future funding.

I continue to choose Absolute because of their innovation. They help us stay ahead and offer the latest advantages to our students and faculty.

Chris Cummings
Information Technology, Teaching & Learning
Klein ISD

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