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Creative Lodging Solutions Protects Proprietary Information and Assets with Absolute

Creative Lodging Solutions is a travel management company that provides customized lodging programs for business travelers. CLS has expertly managed its clients’ hotel and corporate apartment needs and reserved more than 13 million traveler nights over the past 15 years.

CLS is a tour de force in the travel services industry. The company’s goal is to consolidate the moving parts of lodging management and allow a wide array of companies to outsource the time and labor-intensive aspects of their employees’ stays. This includes negotiating rates, travel policy adherence, consolidating billing and providing actionable reporting for travel program optimization.

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Rogue IT assets such as laptops, smartphones and other devices are a primary way that important intellectual property is stolen. CLS takes this problem seriously as the company relies on a network of remote salespeople spread across the United States who have company-issued devices. Managing computing assets among a distributed workforce and protecting the proprietary information they possess is of utmost importance.

As CLS grew, they realized the need to protect their proprietary information stored on laptops when remote workers left the company. That’s when Aaron Seamans, Director of Information Technology, made the decision to purchase Absolute.

With Absolute already embedded in a remote user’s laptop, CLS has the capability of disabling any device, thereby protecting the company’s proprietary information and eliminating any reason to retain possession. CLS had the opportunity to put this technology to the test when it discovered an active employee working for a competitor. With the click of a mouse, the laptop was locked down.


Absolute provides powerful capabilities to monitor and control endpoint devices by eliminating blind spots and remediating breaches in near real time. Absolute’s patented Persistence technology is embedded into more than one billion devices from leading device manufacturers. This patented technology is self-healing and allows always-connected visibility and control on and off the network — a vital feature for an organization like CLS, which relies on a scattered, remote workforce.

With Absolute on the company’s devices, CLS can rest easy knowing that its sensitive data is protected and will retain its value as unique intellectual property. Because of the firmware-embedded self-healing technology, if a salesperson swaps out a piece of hardware or a device, the protection remains intact on and off the network. This provides CLS with a level of comfort the company cannot achieve elsewhere.

One of the greatest things software can do is its job — doing it well and without fanfare is even better. “I know our proprietary information is protected, and I like that the product has a ‘set it and forget it nature,’” says Scott Beauchamp, Director of Technical Operations. “I don’t spend a single minute worrying about sensitive data.”

Absolute handles technical cases and updates for the product, which keeps the burden of maintenance from falling on the shoulders of the CLS team. Beauchamp and the rest of the CLS team can go about their days with ease, knowing that the data they share with team members across the country is safe and secure.


Disable remote and contract employee devices on and off the network.
Monitor sensitive data and protect against breaches with continuous data visibility and protection, as well as always-connected IT asset management.
Protect data with minimum infrastructure.

I never have to think about it. CLS had been using Absolute since 2008, and it was an easy decision to continue leveraging it. I can’t imagine securing sensitive data without Absolute.

Scott Beauchamp
Director of Technical Operations
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