Broome County Keeps its Mobile Workforce Secure with Absolute Secure Access

Using Absolute Secure Access, Broome County Ensures Workers Stay Connected Without Compromising on Security

Broome County is a county in New York, USA that relies on continuous connectivity for its frontline workers to better serve its citizens and ensure the safety of its deputies.

The Story

Reliable and Secure Connectivity for the Mobile Workforce

Like many government offices, Broome County maintains a hybrid working model. Their Chief Information Officer, Faisal Shah, supports 41 departments, from the Sheriff’s Office to Animal Shelters. Broome County has multiple physical offices and data centers as well as employees who work remotely and onsite. To support and maintain this hybrid working model, it is imperative Broome County leverages a remote access solution that does not compromise security and keeps employees connected.

Security Challenges

Stable and Reliable Connectivity

Improves Daily Operations

Enhanced Security for Emergency Services

"Absolute Secure Access was able to work with our needs and allow us to do what we wanted to do as far as setting up policies. Since then, it has been seamless and flawless."


The Solutions

How They Did It

Improving Connectivity and Security for Frontline Officers

Absolute Secure Access was initially introduced to support Broome County’s public safety branch, specifically for their emergency services to ensure their frontline workers remained connected. After implementing Absolute Secure Access, connectivity for frontline workers has improved drastically. Within Broome County, there are many dead zones and areas without Internet access; with Absolute Secure Access, frontline workers are ensured that no matter where they are, their secure data can be viewed and uploaded.

Maintaining Uninterrupted Network Connections for the Anywhere Workforce

As part of Faisal Shah’s efforts to modernize Broome County’s IT strategy, a key component is to ensure their vendors are nimble – easy to work with and with a presence on-premises and in the cloud. With Broome County under a hybrid working model, Absolute Secure Access can provide a remote access solution that allows users to connect from anywhere, whether from one of Broome County’s offices, a coffee shop, a hotel, or an employee’s home, without compromising on security.

Paving the Way for a Zero Trust Architecture

Another component of Broome County’s efforts to modernize its IT strategy is to move towards a zero trust security posture. “[A zero trust security posture] is something that is very important to me,” says Faisal Shah. Particularly within Broome County’s public safety branch, frontline workers move from town to town. Faisal Shah was looking for a solution that ensures employees’ identities cannot be forged or duplicated. Knowing Absolute Secure Access can provide what Broome County was looking for, Faisal Shah plans to increasingly leverage Absolute ZTNA down the road.

"After joining Broome County, I wanted to see what our teams had to say about the solution. I spoke to my individual teams, as well as the emergency services department, and I have heard nothing but praise. They said, 'Absolute is good, they are perfect, we do not want to change, and let’s stick to that.'"


The Results

Modernizing the County’s IT Strategy

As part of Broome County’s ongoing efforts to adopt an agile IT strategy, Absolute Secure Access provides the resilient network capabilities needed for frontline officers but also paves the way for ZTNA and secure remote access for all the county’s departments.

For Broome County, Absolute Secure Access:

  • Improves daily operations for emergency services with secure remote access, without compromising security
  • Provides stable and reliable connectivity for hybrid employees, no matter where the user is
  • Helps transforms the county’s IT strategy, including future plans to move to a Zero Trust architecture

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