ZDNet Profiles Absolute Manage MDM

By: Absolute Team | 7/24/2012

ZDNet's Ken Hess recently profiled our mobile device management solution, Absolute Manage MDM, in an article entitled "Absolute Software: The power to manage mobile devices absolutely." The article features the author's overview of our product after an interview with our Director of Product Management, Tim Williams. The article says some wonderful things about our entire product suite and how Absolute Manage MDM could be the right solution for you.

It is our firm belief that BYOD is a business issue, not a technology issue, and that a BYOD program can be empowering to employees. Absolute Manage MDM will work with your existing policies, automating them:

"Our approach is to be user-centric and user-empowering. And of all the devices that an employee uses in the course of their work, we believe that one of those devices is going to be a computer, not just mobile. We manage both computers and mobile devices."

As the article notes, Absolute Manage includes application management, content management as well as device management into a single solution.

Ken Hess recommend's Absolute Manage MDM saying: "I think that Absolute's Management suite will resonate with administrators and CXOs alike. The fact that it also manages the entire computing spectrum gives Absolute a big advantage in this market." Read the rest of the article here.

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