Your BYOD Devices are Your Biggest Vulnerability

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 12/14/2016

Mobile devices are the greatest cyber vulnerability for organizations, suggests a new report. Based on the data on its 10 million mobile device subscriber base and the Zimperium Global Threat Intelligence Lab, the report indicates that 60% of mobile devices in enterprise BYOD environments are vulnerable to known cyberthreats.

We’ve noted for years that endpoint devices have continued to expanded the attack surface for cybercriminals, providing an entryway to further exploit corporate networks. Now, with the addition of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Cloud, that attack surface has continued to expand, particularly given how interwoven these technologies first. Cloud and mobile or Cloud an IoT are interwoven, amplifying the individual risks of each technology.

The Zimperium report noted that, in general, enterprises are at a high risk for cyber attacks via personal mobile devices, the networks they connect to and the applications they download. To dig deeper, the report also examined the data collected from one single customer. Of the 7,000 mobile devices associated with a single customer, 60% of mobile devices were exposed to known vulnerabilities, with 6% recording a critical threat event and 1% were infected with a malicious app.

As with network security, the endpoint / cloud / IoT requires a layered approach to defend against the multitude of risks. Most endpoint devices are poorly protected, in comparison with network defenses, and often there is little oversight or management of those protections, once installed. How do you know they remain active and effective?

In order to gain visibility and control over the endpoint, we’ve redesigned the Absolute DDS Security Dashboard to make proactively monitoring your multi-layered security posture a breeze. With Absolute DDS, you can easily determine the status of complementary security applications such as SCCM, encryption, and anti-malware applications. With this visibility, you can take a proactive approach to reducing potential blind spots and are equipped to identify and respond to risks early.

No longer is it necessary to jump from application console to application console or from device to device to ensure security. With Absolute DDS, you can fortify your security stack by strengthening your protection. Get started with your free evaluation version of Absolute DDS today.

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