Yodlee Uses Absolute Service to Manage Service Requests

By: Absolute Team | 4/6/2013

We recently added several new case studies to our Resources, including a look at how Yodlee Banks use Absolute Service to support their external customer Change Management through its lifecycle (test, QA and production) of their Software as a Service (SaaS) environment.

The Challenge at Yodlee Banks

Yodlee, Inc. is the world leader in online and mobile personal finance management (PFM) and payment solutions and services. With more than 26 million users, Yodlee provides simple online tools to help consumers better manage and understand their money.

Yodlee provisions services to more than 120 financial institutions around the globe. With over 600 employees across the US and India, and the demands of the SaaS environment, it was important to keep employees online and to manage the influx of service 24x7 requests while also meeting audit and investigative requirements.

The Solution: Absolute Service

After realizing their current service management solution was not meeting their needs, Yodlee researched their options and chose Absolute Service to be able to meet the needs of their changing service requirements. As the complexity of Yodleeʼs change processes continues to increase, they are able to manage changes with newer and more detailed organizational workflows mapped directly into Absolute Service. Managers and technicians manage tickets with great flexibility and ease with improved visibility across all processes.

To find out how Yodlee Banks uses Absolute Service to increase efficiencies, improve workflows and supply customers with additional self-serve options, check out the case study here. Learn more about our leading ITSM solution, Absolute Service, including a look into how our ITIL-certified best practices can help deliver consistent IT services to your users.

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