Wireless Security Tips

By: Absolute Team | 2/12/2010

McAfee has a great article this week on wireless device control. The article touches on wireless security and many areas where there are risks:

- Your internal wireless access points being infiltrated
- Laptops infected when connecting to unknown wireless accounts, then used as back doors on the company network
- Unauthorized wireless access points on the network

The article outlines how each of these points poses a risk and how you can prevent unauthorized access to your network. The article highlights the importance of a well-planned and frequently updated wireless policy as a part of your overall security policy.

A well thought-out policy that includes a complete inventory of authorized devices, version of firmware, approved software, approved and tested encryption algorithm, and method of key rotation should be developed before implementing a wireless solution.

For more tips, read here.

image: mconnors @morguefile

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