William Penn University Protects its Student Laptop Program with Absolute

By: Absolute Team | 9/5/2012

The IT landscape for organizations within Higher Education is unique. Administratively, facility-owned assets contain enrollment and personal student information for which you are ultimately responsible. Additional devices are provided for classroom and lab work. And then there are student-owned devices that represent an entirely different challenge.

Absolute has been delivering solutions for endpoint security and endpoint management in education in every state in the United States.

William Penn University shares how they worked with Absolute to solve the issue of students failing to return computers. William Penn University runs a program to provide each student with a laptop; while offering many benefits, the University was challenged by theft/loss as well as drop-out students not returning to their laptops. In the case study, Curtis Gomes, Information Technology Supervisor at CWA, shares how the investment in Absolute is helping pay for itself with a drop in the number of unreturned laptops.

It's interesting to note that the University performed remote wipes on unreturned laptops only a few times before word got out and drop-out students realized there was no value in keeping laptops that could be disabled.

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