Why Visibility is Vital to Data Protection

By: Arieanna Schweber | 9/29/2016

Visibility continues to be one of the top areas of concern in data protection. In the Intel Security 2016 Data Protection Benchmark Study, data loss incidents were shown to spike with the increased use of endpoint devices that remain, for the most part, unprotected. The study also looked at the how threats to data like malware have changed over the last 24 months. While mobile malware is at an all-time high, macro malware has returned from relativel dormancy due to the popularity of new downloader Trojans, which are frequently used in spam campaigns.

The survey revealed some additional insights into the state of data protection:

  • Nearly 40% of data losses involve some type of physical media or endpoint device
  • 62% of data breaches involve customer or employee personal data
  • 68% of data breaches require regulatory reporting
  • Malware samples grew 32% in the past year and ransomware has grown 128% in the past year
  • Mobile malware has grown by 151% in the past year
  • Only 12% of organizations have implemented visibility into data activity in the cloud
  • The gap between data loss and breach discovery is getting larger

Despite the growing number of data breaches and increased regulatory requirements, organizations are still behind in preventing, detecting and responding to data security incidents. According to the report, more than 25% of organizations do not monitor access to employee or customer information. More shocking than that, only 37% of organizations monitor their endpoints at all.

As the report reveals, “visibility is vital” to data protection. Data classification and automated security notifications can help accelerate data security incident discovery. Absolute Data & Device Security (DDS) offers a trusted layer of protection with automated data alerts. With this technology, organizations gain visibility into their endpoints and the data they contain, including data stored in the cloud.

Our unique Persistence technology extends your visibility beyond the reach of traditional security tools, so you can scan these files for at-risk data and remediate potential threats before they become data breaches or costly compliance violations.

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