Why IT Service Management is Like Golf

By: Absolute Team | 10/25/2013

Whenever I get the chance I try to get on the golf course. I’ve played golf since I was young, (I’m by no means a great golfer), but I love the challenge and social connections the game provides. While golf provides a huge amount of frustration (hitting a ball into a lake when on track for your best score), it is also incredibly rewarding. As I have an end of season tournament approaching, and I often find myself thinking about how I can improve my game, I couldn’t help but draw comparison between IT Service Management (ITSM) and the game of golf.

I always enjoy hearing the successes our customers have achieved through the use of our ITSM solution, Absolute Service (see recent webinar with Kempinski Hotels), but I’m sure if you talk to any IT technician, every service desk environment is always evolving and improving. As in golf, there is a variety of different tools available, but you need to ensure you have the right equipment that matches your environment (or swing) and one that provides flexibility in a range of different conditions.

A golf swing can also be broken down like an ITSM process, but each element must come together to achieve the desired result. In golf (and IT) there is no such thing as a perfect round, but the more repeatable (and correct) processes that are in place, the higher the chances of playing well.

Other keys to success on both the golf course and within ITSM include:

  • Defining the processes and operating based on these best practices (defining the elements of the golf swing and consistently repeating them)
  • Quantifying the key metrics and using data for improvement (analyzing the parts of your game that can help you score well)
  • Constantly reviewing the IT environment and making adjustments (adjusting the type of shot based on the conditions)

Enough of the analogies, I’m off to play golf.

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