Who's Responsible for Data Breaches?

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 10/13/2014

Ginger Hill asks on Security Today, Who’s Ultimately Responsible for Data Breaches? As Ginger notes, businesses and consumers alike are dealing with data breach fatigue, being bombarded with so many data breaches that “we’re almost numb to it.” We hear the figures: who did it, who was affected, how did it happen… but in the end, Ginger asks, who is held responsible?

Ginger Hill called up Absolute Software to ask our opinion on the question. Ginger sat down with Tim Williams, director of product management here at Absolute, and Stephen Treglia, who is our Legal Counsel.

Ginger’s article summarizes our discussion of data breaches, talking about:

  • The issue of internal threats
  • Regulations to protect data such as HIPAA
  • The steps to take post-breach
  • The importance of an audit trail in proving steps were in place to prevent data breaches
  • The importance of well-managed BYOD programs
  • Educating and empowering employees to use data responsibly
  • How Absolute Computrace helps organizations prevent data breaches & provide an audit trail in the event a device does go missing

As Stephen Treglia notes in the article, “The company is being held responsible for data breaches, so companies need to get prepared… now!"

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